Amita - Two Week Old Injured Baby
Update: November 14, 2014

It is with great sadness that we have to report that sweet Amita could not survive her terrible injuries, and passed over the rainbow bridge in her sleep. We miss her terribly, and so wanted to make her life long and happy. Unfortunately she was too severely injured to recover.

Amita came to us in critical condition after being dropped off at the San Jose shelter. She had two broken legs, bruising over her abdomen and she needed surgery to help her survive. She was just a tiny baby. Given the extent of the fractures they could not be splinted and after careful consultation with several vets, we determined that surgery was her best option. She had an excellent prognosis for a full recovery. We had such high hopes for her to have a long, healthy life after a few months of medical care.

We wanted to wait given her age, yet she was in too much pain, so we selected Dr Staatz, orthopedic surgeon at Sage in Campbell. Dr. Staatz performed her surgery and her external fixation unit fully supported her two broken back legs. She did very well for several days. She had a few scary and rough nights yet we were able to manage her pain level and help her be comfortable. She loved drinking her formula and critical care and was supplemented with fluids, antibiotics and pain meds to support her recovery. She enjoyed snuggling and gentle kisses on her little head. We needed to be extra careful as she was so tiny and so broken. Amita listened whenever she heard our voices and then she would perk up, wide awake, always ready for attention. She was so full of love.

Her temperature, heartbeat and surgical sites were checked before she went to bed and she was recovering well. She was happy to have her 3 AM feeding, and as usual she fell asleep after she was snuggled into her soft bed. Sadly, when we checked on her at 6 AM, she had passed away. It appeared that she slipped away while she was asleep.

The doctor said the internal injuries she sustained most likely contributed to her sad and untimely death. She will always remain our beloved little girl. She had such courage in the face of all her injuries. She is deeply missed. We expected a much different outcome. Her death was sad and quite a shock. She did have all the love that she could hold each moment she was with us. We gave her the very best we could offer her.

Here is a poem written by her foster mom, Auntie Heather:

Amita - In loving memory 11-2014
May the powers of the infinite
take this beloved bunny,  Amita.
Love her and keep her safe.
Release her sweet soul to the great space
where she will find joy and peace.
May she know only compassion and happiness.
Rest now Amita and watch for your bunny friends Bernie, Wendall, Shelly, Lulabelle, Tyler and Chance
They will welcome you and be your guides in the land of rainbows.
They will happily binky and play with you all day!   Share a bit of your special sunshine,  ok?   
My heart is with you sweetheart.
I send this message to all the little bunnies and to all of the human spirits
that protect these little ones
Kindly watch over little Amita
I release her to you now.
She has completed her journey on earth.
She was an amazing bunny girl and she was dearly loved
every moment of her short life with us.
Auntie Heather
October 31, 2014
Amita at the shelter

The urgent rescue call came in late Tuesday October 28 after 7PM. Haven advocate Sarah took the call from a San Jose shelter staff person. A new baby rabbit had arrived. Found unable to walk, they asked us to come to rescue her or they would need to euthanize the infant as there was no care available for her. Sarah jumped in her car and made her way to the shelter. There she found a tiny two week old red bunny with trouble using her back legs. She was bright and alert and in her exam Sarah did not note that bunny was in distress or pain so she called and immediately transported the bunny into the Santa Cruz Medical site. Blessings to Sarah for the late night transport!

Amita's x-ray

The rabbit was able to be rescued from the shelter within one hour of the call. We named her Amita. Amita (meaning love) was unable to use her back leg or her right front paw when she was picked up from the shelter. She was alert, responsive and had positive sensation in her back feet. Her spinal cord did not appear to be injured. She was taken to see Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM on October 29, the very next day. Sadly her x-rays revealed terrible fractures and severe bruising to her abdomen. As you can see in her x-ray, she has two femur fractures and a tibia fracture.

Amita in her foster home

She happily drank KMR and loved affection. She was placed on medication immediately for pain and we began the extensive search for a qualified surgeon who could help restore her to good health. We contacted UC Davis, Dr. Harvey at Chabot, Dr. Nakamura at Adobe, and Dr. Wells of Avian And Exotic. None of these surgeons had the skills to perform the delicate and required surgery. We were able to reach Sage board certified surgeon Dr Staatz. He looked at her x rays and determined that he could repair the damage.

Amita is set for surgery today October 31 with Dr. Andy J. Staatz, DVM at Sage in Campbell at 8AM. Sage Vet Hospital has an excellent reputation and we know these surgeons to be the very best orthopedic surgeons in our area. We discussed the estimate and Dr. Staatz reduced the $4,000 cost of microsurgery to $1,800. Amita has been so injured and harmed. We want to give her back her life and watch her run and play with her bunny friends. She deserves to be able to be a bunny and enjoy her life. The Rabbit Haven has medical foster in place to help her post surgery. Detailed estimates have not yet been received in writing as we have all been rushing to get her help.

Please help us to help Amati get well. This surgery will be difficult and expensive, but we will give her every chance to heal and live out a long anf happy life. If you’d like to donate to Amati's care, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. We will keep you up to date on her recovery.

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