Anzia's Story
Update: April 16, 2008

We are sad to report that Anzia lost her battle and passed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 15th. She was diagnosed as suffering from Lymphoma, and the disease was spreading rapidly in her body. Here is the story as told by her primary care giver, Auntie Heather.

Our sweet Princess Anzia crossed the rainbow bridge on April 15, 2008.

Anzia developed difficulty breathing and still could not eat on her own for the past five weeks. When she saw the vet this evening she was having trouble breathing even with oxygen therapy. She was clearly dying. She had been diagnosed with Lymphoma just this week. The doctor said that she most likely would not last the night and might have to struggle and suffer if she could not breathe. There was concern that there was another tumor near her windpipe. She had several tumors, and both of her eyes had been affected and they were bulging.

We made the decision to help her to cross the bridge to make sure she did not continue to suffer.

I held her and kissed her face and petted her as her sister, Kisaya, stayed by her side with her head lying next to Anzia. She did not move, she seemed to understand.

We gave Anzia more medications to help her relax and to help her breathe as much as she could. Anzia was calm and content, kissed and loved. Still, it was so hard to let her go. I loved her so much and I knew that I had to help her make her final passage to the land of rainbows. She was in pain and had NO hope of recovery. This was her best path to be free of pain.

I placed Anzia with Kisaya - they laid quietly by each other. Kisaya began to groom her and I kissed her face, held her and comforted them both. The vet was so compassionate and gentle. She passed quietly and peacefully.

Princess Anzia won over all of us. Her sweet personality shined through even after her terrible surgeries -we all learned so much from her - knowing her, loving her, caring for her and giving her a high quality of life during those minutes, hours and days she had left. During all this time she had so much love. She gave so much back. We have so many precious memories of her.

Her sister Kisaya is here with me I have been giving her loads of extra TLC. She seems ok this morning. She stopped standing up on her back legs looking for her sister. I let her have Anzia's bunny,that has helped. Send healing wishes to Kisaya please, she is grieving the loss of her sister too.

Love to Aniza. You are our little sweet princess, always in our hearts.

With heartfelt gratitude for all her caretakers and her doctor,

Auntie Heather

Update: April 10, 2008
See Anzia's video.

Princess Anzia is still very ill and has been moved to our critical care site with our Haven medical nurse, Linda. Linda is reporting on her daily and provides round the clock care including multiple feedings, Sub Q fluids and eye care. Today her sutures came loose in her injured eye so she is being taken up to see her vet Dr. Harvey this afternoon. This little one is struggling so hard to live. She is always ready for love and food - She cannot eat on her own but enjoys being fed and loved. She rests comfortably in her room and still does her very best to use her litter box.

Her ulcerated eye will be checked carefully today - Just last week she had another surgery to check the status of her mouth where her teeth had been removed. She was placed on vitamin supplements, critical care ,sub q fluids and a variety of medications. She is loosing less weight than had been occurring in the past - which is the only great sign. Send healing wishes to this bunny, she could use all of our support.

If you would like to help us to cover her costs of Anzia's care, please donate by check or by our PayPal account. Note that the donation is for Pricess Anzia. Send healing wishes. she really needs a bit of magic to help her get through these tough times. Our deepest thanks to Linda, who is providing a high level of intensive care for Anzia.

Update: March 16, 2008

Anzia continues to battle for her life tonight. She is a strong bunny and we have high hopes for her recovery. She was started on another medication tonight and is still assist fed three times a day plus subcutaneous warmed lactated ringers. She is starting to eat on her own a tiny bit. Her food processor is waiting for her to catch up! Send your get well wishes pleasel, she needs them and is one of the most loving little bunnies I have ever cared for. She weighs next to nothing even fed three times a day. She tries to eat hay but cannot. Banana is ok though. We are experimenting with different foods. I am happy to help her.

Love, Auntie Heather

Update: March 10, 2008

Anzia underwent a two hour surgical procedure this afternoon to repair her damaged jaw. The skilled surgeons at Creekside removed infected tissue from Anzia's jaw, repaired the damage to the jaw caused by the infection, and cleaned and irrigated the swollen tissue. The surgery required an incision in Anzia's cheek so that the surgeons could have access to the rear part of her mouth. Even with the lead surgeon donating the procedure, we still expect this operation to cost over $400 for the operating room costs and the medications used.

Anzia has undergone four procedures to fight this infection. She is fighting for her life tonight, trying to recover from her extensive infection. She is staying with Auntie Heather, who will take care of her antibiotics, pain medications and special feedings to allow her to recover. Please keep Anzia in your thoughts and send her good healing wishes. She'll need all the help we can give her. If you wish to contribute to Anzia's veterinary expenses fund, you can donate using PayPal or by check and indicate that your contribution is for Princess Anzia.

February 8, 2008

Anzia before her infection started

Barely two years old, Princess Anzia was available for adoption. On the 21st of February, however, she fell ill, and stopped eating. At first we thought is was stasis but it was much worse than that! She was raced to the veterinarian. This tiny sweet little girl has had several life saving procedures already and will need more help to survive. It has been such a quick onset and she has had every test we can provide, blood panels, cultures, x rays. She is Just a baby. She is a lovely jersey girl - the sister of Princess Kisaya.

So far she has lost many of her teeth so we needed to purchase a food processor for her and lots of a special food called Critical Care. She has had three surgeries so far and another is planned in a week! She has a rapidly advancing infection in her mouth which we finally have under control with the very best vet care provided by Dr Hillary Stern of Creekside and the loving support of the vet hospital staff. Other vet hospitals lent their support as well, donating their time to pull her through her life threatening illness. Now we are going to have to raise a large sum of money to cover the next round to repair the damage to her mouth.

Anzia's next surgery will cost about $400.00, and that is with the vet donating her time. The anesthesia and surgery room costs are high, and we'll still have to pay for those. Please think good wishes for a speedy recovery for Princess Anzia. She is such a precious little bunny. She will be staying with Auntie Heather for long term care and will also visit Dr. Carolynn Harvey of Chabot Veterinary Hospital in Hayward for her ongoing support and veterinary care.

Please say a little prayer for Anzia, or light a special candle. Think of her as healthy and happy - We all love her so much! Help us pull her through this terrible problem. We believe she can make it and once again be a happy and healthy little girl.

If you would like to sponsor Anzia's medical journey, please donate using PayPal or by check and indicate that your contribution is for Princess Anzia. Send your love. Blessings to you and to Princess Anzia.

Anzia as a baby

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