Precious Autumn Needs Your Help
Update: March 31, 2012

Autumn has been undergoing weekly vet visits, re splinting and re x-ray. she did have to have her leg bone reset so that it could correctly heal- She is starting to heal now and in a few months we hope that Autumn will once again be available for adoption. Her veterinarian is Dr Sarah Hawklyn of Aptos Creek side. Autumn's vet costs are well over $2,000.00, so please help her if you can by sending in your donation for her vet care. She still needs you!

February 9, 2012

Precious Autumn, a lovely Silver martin dwarf, injured her leg while playing. She was so happy and enjoying being with her gentle foster family when in one jump she landed the wrong way and she was injured. Sweet Autumn has a radius and ulna fracture. She was seen right away by the emergency vet then seen again the following day by a rabbit vet, Dr. Ryle for xrays and splinting. This injury will require months of care, including resplinting and most likely an external fixation surgery to save her leg. The initial splinting from the emergency clinic was unsuccessful the second splinting was not optimal, but Autumn could not withstand more surgery yesterday. We will be working with several orthopedic groups with Autumn this week. She is such a tiny delicate girl. Right now she is doing well and in excellent care. We need your help to help Autumn with her vet care costs as we try to save her leg. Please help sweet Autumn by donating to her fund using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check.

Match donors sought too! Let's get this beautiful girl completely well by giving her every opportunity to have the vet services she needs.

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