Beau's Story
Update: June 4, 2012

Beau is doing wonderfully now! His last medical challenge: It took quite a few months & vet visits to heal his right eye. Dr Gratzek had to perform 2 minor surgeries on his cornea and he required lots of care at home. It was worth it, however, as his eye was saved and is perfect now. He has come such a long way from when he was first rescued. At that time no one knew if he would even make it through his first night with the Haven. But this feisty & courageous little bun has such a strong will to live that --although it took a long time and he responded very slowly to his treatments -- he is now healthy & spirited!

He has been neutered and is working on his litterbox skills. He has a "window" in his hidey house and sticks his head out to make sure he knows what's happening. He is happy in 2/3 of an x-pen so he can live in a smaller area in his forever home (if the pen is too big he won't come out of his hidey house, hey, he's just a tiny 2 pound bunny!). Beau is a content little guy. Even though he is an adult bun, in order to keep his weight up he is eating higher calorie alfalfa hay and unlimited half alfalfa and half timothy pellets. He also loves his greens of course.

After his long convalescence and all he's been through, Beau deserves & is ready to find his special family who will continue to love him and make his life better and better.

Update: January 4, 2012

Sweet Beau is the dwarf rabbit from the Aptos confiscation. This precious little two pound boy was near death when the arrived at the shelter. He has been seen by Dr. Hannah Good while at the shelter. She aided him as much as possible at that time and placed him on medications then suggested he see a vet for care. He then was placed into medical foster care with The Rabbit Haven and went on to see Dr. Sarah Hawklyn at Aptos Creekside. Dr. Hawklyn placed him on medications to curb the infection and respiratory issues then when he was well enough she referred him on to an eye specialist, Dr. Gratzek to obtain her medical opinion about possible eye damage and to see if there was any surgery that could help him. We just received great news today - Beau's eye may be able to be saved and the doctor is performing eye repair surgery! Kindly Dr. Gratzek is donating the surgery to Beau. She charged only the initial visit charges - What a great gift to save the eyesight of this bunny.

Update: December 30, 2011

Beau, the injured bunny from Aptos Confiscation continues to improve.

His eye is healing well. There is less discharge and the pain seems to have diminished. He has an appointment for January 6 for a recheck with Dr. Gratzek to check to see if the healing deep inside the eye and on the outer injury area is appropriate for this healing period. He has been eating totally on his own for the last 2 days - no additional syringe feeding of Critical Care has been required. He's maintaining his weight so far!

Beau is eating hay, much more than before. He eats two bowls of greens per day and pellets. He runs around the house often as well. He looks good. His temperature is still low, so he still needs a heating pad in his cage to help him maintain his temperature. His "head tilt" seems to be improved. Most of the time he holds it up straighter. Most likely this is because he can see better out of his right eye now.

Beau is wonderfully feisty and strong now. He is active and alert, weighs about 950 grams. He's really expressing himself and seems content most of the day. He still has a way to go, however, at this point we think he will make it through and in a few more months of medical support he will once again be a happy bunny and ready for his own adoptive home.

December 20, 2011

Beau is a precious, tiny little dwarf bunny who came in from the Aptos Breeder confiscation. When he arrived his eye was severely infected and lacerated. He was barely alive. He had secondary infections in his lungs and eye which needed to be treated even before we could consider an eye surgery. The Haven placed Beau into medical foster care to provide full time care including eye packing, administration of antibiotics and respiratory care he required to survive. He was in oxygen for weeks. In the past month he has seen three doctors and he has had several procedures to keep his eye managed and his lungs functioning. Finally last week he improved enough to be able to take the next step with his eye. Dr. Sara Hawklyn referred him on to Dr. Gratzek, a fantasitc animal eye speicalist. She checked Beau's eye and will be performing eye surgery this Friday. She believes that she can save the eye. Help him to see again and finally be pain free. He has been through so much and now he is clean and even happy. He has become very responsive and his foster parent reports that he is much more energetic, interested in foods and snuggles. We all hope that the eye will be saved with this surgery. Wish him well - Help us to help him heal.

If you would like to help Beau please contact the Rabbit Haven or make a donation in his name using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. He will appreciate it. We will send updates to you so you can follow along with his care.

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