Benny's Story - Tortured Bunny Rescued by The Haven
Update: May 27, 2008

Benny is a strong and determined bunny. Three surgeries later, it appears that he is going to be perfectly well. What a fighter! He is still healing and has not only survived his stabbing attack, he has turned out to be a wonderful, loving boy who is adjusting well to his care and giving the sweetest kisses. Post surgery Benny is eating well and even playing. He has had quite enough of surgeries by now. His largest 4 inch surgical site is healing and his fur is growing in! The last leg injury we worried might need surgery will not! Yay Benny!!!!

Benny is very happy and making lots of eye contact with his caregivers now. No more dull expression of pain and hopelessness, this bunny is secure in the safety of his foster home and is gaining emotional strength too! He has started doing binkies, so something must be right. Both of his back legs are fully functional now and he is healing beautifully.

The family providing foster and medical care for Benny reports that he will be ready for adoption when he is fully healed and passes his final vet exam. It appears that a loving family awaits him in Florida! We are completing adoption materials and he needs to be neutered, then to have his final health clearance, and then he may be adopted! We did want to be sure he would make it through, and he has indeed, with flying colors! We need to have travel costs covered so he can fly first class in perfect safety. Any airline attendants out there who want a traveling companion? Contact Heather at 831 239-7119.

Benny sends his thanks and love!

May 14, 2008

We took in a small brown rex rabbit from a shelter as he was suffering from serious injuries and the shelter could not handle his care. We thought perhaps the bites or cuts in his skin were from another rabbit, or perhaps a predator attack. However, under closer inspection by our vet these wounds appear to have been caused intentionally by a knife of some sort. We are all beyond upset, distressed and horrified. Benny, a tiny little rex dwarf boy, is hanging in there with our best medical support. It is a nightmare to see these wounds and the disturbing, horrific nature of these wounds send shock waves through all of us involved in his care. Sure we have heard about abuse of animals. We have even seen many cases, but none as direct and nasty as this type of methodical abuse. These wounds were meant to cause pain and harm to a defenseless little rabbit!

As the vet described her post surgical findings, we were horrified. Images flashed through our minds of this awful abuse. How could this have happened? Who did this to Benny? Why? We quickly realized that these questions, while important, did nothing productive. We completely focused on getting him well! We quickly realized that looking for reasons why is futile. God knows what other suffering this person has caused, but for now, our focus is to help Benny survive.

Benny is in being cared for at one of our top medical foster sites. This is the first report that we have gotten from the site since Benny started his treatments:

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened". The soul of the person who committed this heinous act is not only un-awakened but sick, twisted and in serious need of mental health intervention. Sharing Benny's story with you floods my heart with anger, rage, sadness and a renewed awakening that some 'humans' have no rights to walk this earth. Benny was brutalized and then discarded for euthanasia.

A kind and loving shelter advocate saw a different future for little Benny and alerted the Rabbit Haven. Benny was severely under weight and had many open wounds in varies stages of healing. The wounds where suspicious, they did not resemble any kind of bite wounds we had ever seen. Our suspicions where quickly confirmed, they where stab wounds! Our doctor confirmed that the pattern of the wounds where consistent with that of a knife and NOT teeth. When Benny's fur was clipped away to see the extent of his wounds I was horrified to see the scars from healed stab wounds. Scars on top of scars, one blended into the next. I am sure that I did not count them all but was near tears and stopped counting at 50.

Benny was weak, thin, dehydrated and had severely infected wounds. Not a great candidate for surgery. First order of business was to re-hydrate and fight the infection. Initially a few of the larger wounds were debrided. He was started on twice daily subcutaneous injections of Baytril and given subcutaneous Lactated Ringers solutions. The look in his little eyes said "I'm in pain". Pain from the wounds was treated with Metacam and the pain from inhuman treatment was quickly relieved with gentle strokes, a soft voice and lots of kisses.

Feeding Benny is a joy. He is so appreciative, curious and loves everything. His only dilemma is what I should put in my mouth first. Doctor ordered warm compresses several times a day and irrigate the wounds with Chlorhexiderm. This held him over for a few days to build up his strength before surgery. I can't even imagine what this little 4 pound bunny went through when he saw what would seem to be a giant, grab him up and use him as a 'pin cushion'. The though not only over whelms me, it make me sick. One of the infected stab wounds abscessed along with a few smaller ones. Surgery was his only option, not only for the leg but for his life. Today, May 12th, doctor was in surgery for an hour. The dead tissue and infection had invaded a larger area than originally thought and was deep, involving his right thigh muscle. By the time all the infected and dead tissue was removed poor Benny ended up wit h a 4 inch incision. Although doctor feels good about the surgery she warns us that he is still 'not out of the woods'. Infections of any kind are a bunny's worst enemy. He will remain on subcutaneous injections of antibiotics for several weeks. He has two smaller wounds that she had hoped to address in surgery but was concerned about the length of time he was under anesthesia. They will be monitored and we hope they will heal from the inside out, pushing out the old dead core and only requiring minor surgical debridment and wound cleaning.

The pictures attached to this article really do NOT show the extent of his wounds. Only the naked eye, tear filled, could ever really show your heart the true suffering that little Benny has endured. Benny wants to thank everyone for their prayers and for assisting with his surgery and care through their kind and generous donation. We will keep you informed of his progress and please continue to send your healing prayers and special thoughts.

Strawberry kisses and Parsley hugs,
Wishing you binkies little one -
Benny and foster family

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Benny resting with one of his caregivers

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