Bernice's Story
Update: July 17, 2012

Sweet Bernice is continuing to heal and recover from her extensive eye saving surgery. Look at her now! Today her eye is wide open and she is feeling so much better. Her pain meds have been reduced and she continues on with antibiotics, metacam and two eye medications.

Thank you to her fan club and supporters. We have received all but $250 we needed for Bernice's surgical and medication costs. Dr. Gratzek was so kind to discount so much on her $1300 surgery! She changed us only $850.00 for the surgery. She also helped us get some medication cheaper and gave us one bottle of expensive eye meds. So far Bernice's costs are $1050.

We are so glad we choose the eye saving surgery opposed to the eye removal. Look at her now! You can hardly tell the eye has had surgery. The ruptured lens and the big abscess are gone! She cannot focus with that eye but she is getting accustomed to it now and is doing Very well.

Bernice will be healed in only two months and then she will be ready for adoption into a home of her own! What a great success.

Update: July 17, 2012

Bernice went in for surgery today to have her ruptured lens and the abscess in her left eye removed. She did very well in her surgery which ended around 5 PM. She is recovering right now post op. She is wobbly as the effect of anesthesia has not subsided yet. She is clearly uncomfortable but we are going to remedy that with some stronger pain meds. Her surgery was complicated and they were able to save her eye. For now we need to focus on getting her stable, making sure her pain is under control and giving her loving support and food so she can heal. We will keep you posted.

Update: July 2, 2012

Bernice injured her eye and she has a ruptured lens and an abscess under the rupture site. Dr. Gratzek is her surgeon, who is a well known ophthalmologist in the Santa Cruz Area.

We need to manage her pain and get her scheduled for eye surgery ASAP. The estimate is $850, even with all of our discounts. They will remove the lens, the abscess and she will still have her eye. We are purchasing all medication we will need post pop now. (Another $75) We have medical foster in place for Bernice.

We need financial support to manage to pay for this surgery, so If you can help, Please do. You may contribute to Bernice's fun via PayPal, or by check.

Update: May 17, 2012

Bernice visited with Dr. Harvey at Chabot Veterinary Hospital last Thursday. Dr. Harvey tested her eye and thinks that she did indeed injure it in some way. We also ran titers to check for EC. Bernice has been given antibiotics and pain relief medications as well as special eye drops to assist her in healing. As of today, May 17, Bernice still has the remaining abscess in her eye and the red swelling has gone down considerably. We will have results of her titer in another week. She is a wonderful bunny and receives Usagi Tatchi treatments every day from the acupuncturist. This has helped to promote her healing and to boost her immune system. We are hopeful that medications will heal her eye. She will be under doctor's care at a Haven medical foster site for several months during her healing process. Sadly her vision is impaired. We are hopeful this will resolve but will not know for several weeks. Wish her well.

May 16, 2011

Bernice is a very small 3 pound black Dutch Bunny. Ouch! She hurt her eye. Dr. Harvey will be seeing her and we will know much more then. For now her first vet is treating her with antibiotics, pain medications and eye medication. Send your good wishes and support for the care Bernice will need to recover. We hope to heal her eye, however we are not certain about her diagnosis and the extent of her injury. Her veterinary cost has already exceeded $300. When she sees Dr. Harvey then she will begin the next phase of her care which may require seeing an eye specialist, medical, and possibly surgical care.

All sponsors for Bernice will receive updates and ongoing photos. If you would like to help Bernice please contact the Rabbit Haven or make a donation in her name using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. She needs our help to save her eye.

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