Brooklyn Rescued from San Jose Shelter, Needs Eye Surgery
Update: August 25, 2015

Hi, I am Brooklyn, who came into the Rabbit Haven with a damaged eye and in need of extensive veterinary care. I was rescued from the San Jose shelter. I felt so miserable when I came in. My whole head hurt. I was badly injured. I had to have my one eye removed as it was hurting me so much and it was not functional any longer.

I am doing much better now that my eye is no longer bothering me. I have much less pain now and all of my injuries were tended at the same time as my eye surgery. My doctor is Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM of Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay in Los Gatos.

I appreciate that you sent me your love and support. Knowing you are out there and that you care is important! I am working so hard to heal and being such a good bunny. Kathy, my foster mom, is also a vet tech from SAGE surgical center! I have the best of care.

Thank you so much for making it possible for me to get well. Watch the web and Facebook for my updates!

August 5, 2015

Brooklyn was rescued today from the San Jose shelter. She had been abandoned last week and was quickly placed on the needs rescue list due to a severe eye injury. She needed rescue and immediate medical support.

Brooklyn was taken directly to see Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM of Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay. He examined her and determined that what is left of that injured and malformed eye will need to be removed to improve Brooklyn's quality of life. According to the vet she has no vision left in that eye. There is no saving it at this point. We will set this surgery up for this week. The doctor thought that she is anxious due to the pain and blindness in that eye. She did allow him to manipulate the lids, etc. No X-rays were done at this time. She will be on antibiotics and pain meds until her surgery, and then will be given a new care regimen by her doctor.

Brooklyn at Dr Nakamura's office

Brooklyn was uncomfortable during her exam, so Dr. Nakmaura moved quickly with her. He checked her teeth, felt for abscesses, determined her general health and noted the weathering to her fur. He noted that her condition was indicative of poor care in the past. Excluding the eye, the other two conditions we need to treat are fleas and a small healing scab just past the inside corner of her healthy eye. The flea infestation was treated with Revolution, and ophthalmic ointment will help the scab on her healthy eye heal. Warm packs will also be very useful to help her feel better and bring circulation to the eye area to promote healing.

Dr. Nakamura indicated that this eye issue may have been something she was born with or the result of an injury suffered early in her life. He pointed out that the opening is only two thirds the size of her healthy eye. But he did feel an enucleation should be done to help with complete healing. Hopefully this will help her return to health and begin to adjust to her new life.

Brooklyn's injured eye

There is a chance there could be an abscess under the eye or in the sinus cavity. We will know more when Dr. Nakamura examines the eye more closely in surgery. Wonderful Kathy and James have taken her into foster and will provide medical support during her recovery.

You can help too! To help support this deeply injured, deserving bunny you may send donations using our PayPal account online or donate by check. Let’s help Brooklyn to regain a more normal physical condition and get her through surgery then rehab for orientation. She is darling, she is just suffering right now and deserves to have the good life! We can all help get her there.

Designed by James Farris