Buster's Story
Update: November 18, 2014

While his foster mom was giving Buster his meds yesterday morning she noticed he had significant swelling on his ear and side of face under his surgical site. So Buster went back to Dr. Stern and she recommended surgery today to remedy this. He had areas low on his incision site that had become infected and inflamed. This caused him to be off balance and to cock his head even more than usual to regulate his balance. He was starting to be uncomfortable. Ear aches hurt! The post surgical infection was cleaned and he will be started on a new medical regimen now as well. He seemed perfectly fine at the end of the day. No residual after effects at all. He head is less cocked and he has complete balance. He is a darling bunny. He will be deaf in one ear and most likely will cock his head a bit in his future, but at least he is well on the way to be pain free, infection free and healed.

November 16, 2014

Hello my name is Buster and I am looking for a home pretty soon. My original family left me at a vet’s office because I had a bad ear infection and they could not afford to care for it. The vet was very nice and took me in. My ear infection had gone on for so long that I had to have my ear canal removed. It was badly infected and was making me feel very sick. Now that problem is all gone. I still take Baytril, but soon after the doctor seeing me again I think she will say I am well and that I can go to my permanent home. My foster mom says I am adorable. I am perfectly able to run about. I like hay and greens and I use my litter box. My head still turns when I am picked up – I am not sure if that will change or not. I love fleece under my feet as my flooring and prefer x pen living. I have a little pet bed I sleep in to snuggle into at night. Ask about me please, I can come to meet you. Oh, I am neutered too.

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