Chance is Given a Second Chance to Live
Update: May 22, 2013

Chance went to Dr. Harvey for his neuter surgery on May 10. He came through the surgery with flying colors, and has recovered very quickly. Dr. Harvey was able to look at his teeth more closely while he was anesthetized and she chose not to do any procedures on Chance's teeth. The spurs were small, and she was afraid of doing more harm than good. The fur on Chance's face has completely grown in now; his transformation in such a short time is remarkable. He was lucky to have a terrific vet in Dr. Harvey and a great foster care giver in Alexandra to help him recover so quickly.

Since his neuter surgery, Chance has become a pro at using his litter box. He continues to love his greens and pellets, and now begs to come out for time outside his pen. His foster family is slowly reducing the amount of pellets he gets to try to get him to eat more hay. He likes to nibble on his hay and is learning to eat more of it. He continues to be a very affectionate little guy, loves pets and giving kisses.

Chance is available for adoption now. He is looking for a home of his own where he will be loved and pampered by his family.He will be making his debut at our June 1 adoption show at For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale. Stop in and meet him!

Update: May 7, 2013

Chance visited with Dr. Harvey on Sunday. She determined that the wound on his forehead from the large abscess is completely healed, and no further treatment will be required. The fur appears to be growing in nicely, and we are hopeful that there will be no residual fur loss at the wound site. His temperature was a little high, but Dr. Harvey didn't seem too worried, saying that it was most likely stress. She cooled him down with ice packs, and his temperature had gone down by the time he left the vet. Dr. Harvey found several small molar spurs on Chance's teeth. She will look at them more thoroughly and remove them when Chance has his neuter surgery. He's scheduled to be neutered on May 10th, and will be available for adoption soon after he recovers.

Chance continues to enjoy pellets and treats, although he's not a huge fan of hay. His foster family will work with him to get him to eat more hay and fewer pellets. He has become much more adventurous in his foster home, climbing on his cardboard box house in his pen and getting excited about coming out for play time. Chance likes to snuggle, and begs for ear and head pets often. He is a very sweet and special little bunny. Watch for updates after his molar trim and then his new photo will be posted on The Adoption Showcase. Thank you to everyone that helped Chance when he was so badly injured. Just look at him now! He is a healthy happy little bunny boy!

Update: April 22, 2013

Chance was seen by Dr. Harvey on April 21. She said that he is doing great! Dr. Harvey was able to remove the hard shell of dead tissue from Chance's forehead, clean the wound site and debride some of the necrotic tissue from inside. The new tissue growing under the old wound is bright pink and healthy looking, a very good sign according to the doctor. Dr. Harvey prescribed a continued regimen of Metacam for pain relief and Baytril for infection control, along with warm packs and ointment applications to keep the wound site soft and clean. She is hopeful now that Chance will not need surgery to remove any tissue, and thinks that the wound may close up on its own now. Chance is scheduled to see Dr Harvey again on May 5.

Chance continues to do well in his foster home. He is bright and interactive, responds enthusiastically to treats, and continues to eat well. Chance enjoys being held and petted too. He has been out of his pen for a few times now for exercise, but is still a little unwilling to explore much. He has been through a lot in the last month, this is not a big surprise.

We are hopeful for a full recovery for Chance, and that all of his fur will grow back. He will still need to be neutered, and then he'll be able to find a home of his own, where he can become a proper spoiled house rabbit. Thanks again to everyone who has been pulling for Chance and helping him financially. Look how far he has come in just a few short weeks.

Update: April 12, 2013

Great news!! With such kind support and love, Chance is healing. Dr. Harvey said that Chance is doing great and she is really pleased at his progress. She does not want to perform surgery at this time. She is concerned that he has very little new skin that has grown in under the big dried skin patch. If she were to perform surgery now, she expressed concern that there isn't enough skin to suture it properly. Chance will remain on medications and his foster family will continue with the cleansing of the abscess area & flushing. Dr. Harvey was impressed at the quality of care little Chance has been receiving. He requires excellent medical supportive care and he is certainly in the right place with the Milkey family. Kudos for their incredible work to help Chance heal.

His next visit will be with Dr Harvey on April 21st so she can check him again to make sure this steady healing is continuing. She wants to reevaluate him for surgery.

Chance is being so good throughout all of this. He is so loving and sweet. Take a look at his photo tonight. He is such a special bunny.

Update: April 9, 2013

Sunday after his procedure, Chance was exhausted, yet markedly more comfortable. Most of the abscess had been cleaned out. Based on Dr. Harvey's instructions, his foster family flushed his wound Sunday evening, then hot packed for comfort and gave him medications. Then they held him, cuddling him to offer some comfort. That evening he still had very small poops and was only lightly eating. His room was set up, all fresh and snuggly, so he went off to bed. He was so tired. It was a very long day.

The next morning he looked a bit better. He began to eat a bit more and went through his ritual of flushing and took his medicine with resistance, as you can imagine. The drain portal remained open and a tiny crack also appeared on the top of the hard crusted surface of his forehead.

By that evening, he was eating more greens and a few pellets. Chance was hungry! He seemed to feel so much better. His head position was more upright and he could more easily move around. Overall his energy level was much higher. He was quite happy to sit with his foster family on the rocking chair and came out of his box to greet them when they would walk past his pen.

Tuesday, his large lump was reported to be considerably smaller, the pinkish skin around the hard shell appeared much healthier looking. It was a bright pink instead of dull reddish purple. Overall, the foster family was very pleased with how fast was healing. His poops were also larger now, most likely the result of being able to eat higher quality pellets and his veggies.

Now tonight, he seems to feel pretty good. He is eating, drinking and eliminating fairly well. He even ate his veggies and a tiny bit of banana with gusto. He loves all the attention and is calm and loves being held. Plus, there is new fur growth on top of the dead skin area! He seems to be growing his fur back. That is remarkable. It seems like Chance is right on track with his healing. He has a long road ahead, but we believe he can make it. Dr. Harvey will see him this Friday for a second surgery. We will know much more after his surgery.

Thank you to everyone for your get well wishes and for your contributions to help with his medical care. Chance says thank you. Did everyone see DJ's post about raising money for Chance? Check it out here.

April 7, 2013

Photo on Arrival

Chance, a sweet Dutch mix bunny, arrived at a local shelter suffering from a terrible abscess on the front of his forehead. The former family confirmed that he had this injury for a long time and they had not treated his injury. They had no money to provide for his care, so, they brought him to the shelter.

Rabbit Haven rabbit advocate, Sarah, called us immediately to notify us about this injured bunny and alerted us to his critical condition. She tried to make him as comfortable as possible. The shelter offered pain meds and antibiotics and immediately put him on the needs rescue list = euthanasia is pending in 2 days. The shelter has no staff to offer ongoing medical care so, The Rabbit Haven rescued this sweet little boy. Chance went directly into the care of the Milkey family, a Haven medical foster site, and he was scheduled to see Dr. Carolynn Harvey.

Sunday April 7, Chance was able to see Dr. Harvey. She gave him a complete exam. He had his abscess site lanced and the pus drained from his forehead. She reduced the abscess significantly removing a very large amount of pus from the site.

Before treatment

After treatment

His prognosis is guarded, but positive. Dr. Harvey will see him again in 5 days or sooner, as needed. He will eventually need surgery to remove the necrotic tissue that has formed on his forehead. He is on pain medications, antibiotics and an eye ointment to guard against eye infection. His injury site will need to be flushed two times each day. He now has a drainage channel to help evacuate the pus that has built up. We are so fortunate to have a vet willing to come in on Sunday, like Dr. Harvey and such a great Haven medical support family too!

Chance was hurting so much and the abscess contents were so heavy that there was pressure being applied to both eyes. He was very reactive to pain at the injury site. Now, after his procedure, he seems to feel so much better. This is a remarkable improvement at his injury site which was reduced down to one quarter of the original size.

Even with his extensive injury and his procedure today, he is so gentle and loving. He is now on his road to recovery. To follow his journey, check back here for more updates. We expect Chance's treatment to cost in excess of $600. We are asking for financial support to help pay for Chance's medical bills. If you want to donate to help Chance you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. Indicate that your donation is for Chance, so we know who it is for.

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