Connie - Abandoned and Emaciated Young Girl
Update: December 9, 2015
Connie is ready for adoption

Connie has fully recovered from her intestinal infection and has gained over a pound while in the care of her medical foster family. She was spayed last weekend, and we are happy to say she is now available for adoption! She will make her debut at our adoption show on Sunday December 13 at Pet Pals in Soquel. Drop by and say hello on Sunday. If you are interested in adoption Connie or any other Haven bunny, please contact Heather at

Update: November 16, 2015
Connie has gained some weight

Connie continues to thrive at her medical foster home. She is a great eater, has put on a little weight, and her stools have become firmer and good sized. Her blood tests came back normal, and Dr. Harvey has cleared her for spay surgery once her intestinal issues are fully resolved. We will continue her current treatment plan of TMS twice a day and an enhanced calorie diet for another week, then reevaluate her treatment plan at that time.

Connie has really blossomed while in foster care. She is a very friendly rabbit, loves nose rubs and ear pets while sitting on the floor with her foster family. She has gained confidence in the last few days and has become very active, even jumping from the floor all the way up on to the bed. She has become a fun and energetic young rabbit in such a short time.

Connie still needs to be spayed, and given her previous medical issues might be considered a high risk surgery. We will follow our vets' advice and do whatever is necessary for her continued healing and eventual adoption. If you would like to help Connie, you can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. If you like, you can also choose items from our Amazon wish list. We will update you on her progress and let everyone know when she is ready for a home of her own. Connie will also need a new foster home after December 6, if you are interested in fostering her please contact us at

Update: November 16, 2015
Connie at her foster home

Connie, the little red bunny rescued at the last minute last week from a local shelter, was seen by Dr. Carolynn Harvey, DVM on Sunday. The great news is that Connie is most likely not pregnant. She is still very underweight, has a likely coccidia infection, and is fighting a bacterial infection in her intestines. Dr. Harvey thinks she is still too thin to spay and wants to wait a few more weeks until Connie can gain some weight. Given her poor condition when she came in, we are concerned that the spay surgery will be higher risk than normal, which will add additional cost to her care.

Dr. Harvey prescribed TMS antibiotics and probiotics to help Connie's intestines get back to normal, plus a continuation of her high calorie diet to help her gain weight. Dr. Harvey also ordered some blood tests to determine if a spay would be safe.

Connie is thriving in her medical foster home. She is a young bunny, Dr. Harvey thinks she is six months old or less. We expect her medical expenses and spay surgery to cost at least $300. If you would like to help Connie's continued recovery, you can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. If you like, you can also choose items from our Amazon wish list.

Update: November 10, 2015
Connie's first night with The Haven

Connie is safe! She is enjoying her first night of freedom with one of our medical foster sites tonight. Other than being pretty skinny, she seems to be in good shape. We are afraid she is pregnant, and given her low weight she is not a candidate for emergency spay at this time. We will just let it run its course and see what happens. It is also possible that she has coccidia, we'll know more after consultation with Dr. Harvey this weekend. For now, she is loving her greens, alfalfa hay and Sherwood pellets. She is pretty friendly too, we think after a few weeks of good food and stable surroundings she will be ready for adoption. She loves to cuddle and get nose rubs already. I will try to get a better photo later in the week.

November 9, 2015
Connie at the shelter

Connie is an amazing gentle and loving red bunny who sadly is on the needs rescue list. We were able to get her an extension but she has only until Nov 11th to get out.

Connie is very malnourished and sad. She came into the shelter very weak. Now she can stand and even uses her litter box. Will you help save her life and show her kindness? The Rabbit Haven will bring her to you with all the foster set up supply you will need. We'll provide an X-pen or marchiaro 48" cage, flooring, floor cover, food and water dishes and a litter box. You provide the love, pets, food and hay plus greens. She is really working to get caught up. She is so hungry!

Please look at this beautiful bunny girl and help her. Call today and we will help get her to you 831 239-7229 or 831 600-7479. Please Call ASAP or email Can't foster or rescue and want to help? You can donate to help with her foster set up costs using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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