Dixie's Story
Update: January 29, 2008

After months in a cast, little Dixie finally had her cast removed a few weeks ago and was placed in a splint. By the next morning she had torn off the splint and it had to be reapplied. In removing her splint she may have accidentally injured the leg again. We can see that she cannot use the leg and it appears to be infected. So, back to the vet she'll go Wednesday for a new xray, casting and infection control plus pain medications. This leg and now wrist fractures are proving to be quite diffcult to repair. Dixie seems frustrated and just wants to play, but for now she must stay on cage rest and heal her wounds.

Dixie most likely will need to have the bone in her leg reset, then recast. She will have an 8-16 week recovery period which will include regular vet visits, xrays to check progress and hopefully finally her leg will heal. If the leg become infected or the wrist bone will not heal then she may face amputation. We want to save her leg if at all possible.

Her last emergency room visit, when she had a temperature of 105+, was very expensive. We need to raise about $1,200.00 for her immediate needs. Please help Dixie get back on her feet. She is such a sweet bunny. This is a terrible setback for her. Please send get well wishes and if you can any contributions for her care will be appreciated.

December 21, 2007
Dixie's injured leg
Dixie - Broken Girl

Dixie is a sweet, adorable red and white lop who was rescued two weeks ago from an area shelter. She came to the shelter as a "stray". The person bringing her to the ER vet said she had been hit by a car! A local rabbit vet said the rabbit had been either kicked or struck in her left front leg causing a terrible break. The on duty ER vet just happened to be an exotics specialist so he xrayed the leg and set the fracture. In addition to the horrible broken leg she came to us in GI stasis as well, and required immediate lifesaving treatment provided by VCA in Oakland. Dixie has survived the first horrific stage of her injury - she appears to have no infection, is now eating and drinking normally and is beginning to move about more freely. She would not move at all in the beginning.

Sadly, Dixie had stayed in the shelter during a required hold period but then was rescued by two loving haven volunteers Kim and Terry. Dixie's vet at VCA Oakland placed her on full cage rest and xrayed the injury again. New films showed the bone was set the best as possible given the break. The hope is that it will heal that way and she will be able to keep that leg. Surgery was ruled out as it had already begun to mend and the doctors felt she had a good chance of recovery given total cage rest and pain medications during her convalescence. She is able to move about a bit, and she uses her litter box (she does her best.) She spends her days in her fuzzy bed and loves her veggies and hay. She receives plenty of love, affection, and encouraging words. Her leg is hopefully healing well under that cast.

Dixie is slowly gaining weight. She was sorely underweight when we got her. Now she is almost 4 1/2 pounds, a good weight for her. The vet estimated that Dixie was 5 months old at the time of her injury on December 3. Dixie cannot play much given her injury and she has to be in a Marchiaro for now. She has a specially designed bed to rest on and a cut down litter box for ease of use. She is well except for her broken arm which needs to be rechecked in 4 weeks to look at the healing progression. Her prognosis looks good - We will not know until the next recheck if the leg has healed properly and effectively or if she may need to have the leg removed. We are hoping that she will heal and her leg can be saved. Send get well wishes to Dixie.

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