Dora the Sad Brown Dutch
Update: May 11, 2015
Dora Dora

Beautiful Dora continues to blossom in her new life. Although we are uncertain if she will ever regain normal mobility in her front legs, Dora considers herself to be a very capable rabbit. When she first arrived in the Haven, she had little understanding of proper rabbit food, but she's learned to love her greens, Sherwood pellets, fresh water, and is even doing pretty well with her hay (though we want her to do even better). Little Miss has slimmed down and is developing healthy muscle tone. She's currently in the middle of a heavy molt and is growing soft, glossy new fur.

Dora often binkies for sheer joy and dashes around during playtime, she begs for treats like nobody's business, and she tosses her toys and food dish like a pro. She's definitely a clever little dutchie, and is incredibly sweet and loving. She and foster mom hope that maybe someday a doctor-approved nice gentle bunny will come along to be her special companion. Dora loves to be petted and give kisses. She grooms her plush bunny and even tries to groom the resident kitties - much to their bewilderment. She's a champion digger and loves to scoot everything around in her litter box.

Dora truly is a gift. She still splays her front legs. Therefore she needs special flooring, Palace Pet Beds, which helps her to have better traction for hopping and jumping, and the thick padding protects her chest. She also needs an extra low-entry litter box and very careful pick up & hold techniques. We monitor her closely for any signs of discomfort. But she says, "You just keep petting me and everything will be A-ok." We are very grateful for the love and support she has received from around the world. Next month she goes for a recheck with Dr. Hawklyn of Aptos-Creekside Veterinary Hospital and we will be sure to post an update.

Update: April 3, 2015

Dora was examined and had additional x-rays at Aptos-Creekside Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Sarah Hawklyn, DVM. Dora will require long term care and support to help her regain function in her two front legs. Given the long term muscular atrophy and the way the bones are positioned, a new plan of care was developed for her. Fecal tests were also done and showed no parasites.

Dora is receiving physical therapy to help correct the muscular atrophy she suffers due to cage housing in an improper small cage for three years. Prior to her rescue, in a 2 x 2 wire cage with a wire floor that prevented her from being able to move. She had nothing to do, no exercise, bad food, and no medical care. Her front leg muscles did not develop. Her x-rays revealed that she had no broken bones in her front legs. The bones and joint simply have inadequate muscular support. One of her front legs also has lost joint function. The muscles around the front legs have not developed. Dora has been give a PT plan and special housing considerations to help her live more comfortably Dora is the sweetest girl and gives her foster mom kisses after her PT sessions. She can place both weakened leg under her in the front and every day she improves ever so slightly.

Dora is an explorer and such a loving bunny. She is a deeply loving bunny. Dora is a happy girl now. And she adores her foster mom. It is heartbreaking to see this beautiful girl with this handicap, however Dora is doing very well. Dora is somewhat frustrated by her challenges however she manages to move about pretty well. She must know she is loved now and that all we do is in her best interests. She is a loving, trusting bunny. After eight weeks of physical therapy, light exercise and correct housing we hope to see a difference. Watch the web for updates on Darling Dora.

March 5, 2015 by Auntie Heather

Like any other day, I checked my email when I got into the office. It was an ordinary day filled with shelter needs rescue, Haven foster needs, newborn babies needing help, bill paying, adoption shows to prepare. I soon came across a photo of Dora with the message we “surrendering a rabbit” and her story. When I first looked at this photo my heart just broke. My eyes filled with tears seeing her suffering. From that minute on I knew the Rabbit Haven would make room to take her. Her situation was horrible and she needed out right away. Her little feet were raw and she was in pain. Her "owner" did not care about her.

I could not get this image of Dora on the rusty dirt wire out of my mind. There she had sat her whole life in a wire cage trying to stand up with no support, no medical care, no love, bad food, and no exercise. She was suffering and had been lonely and unloved for over 2 years! In speaking to the concerned family member, a visitor in this home, I learned that this was Dora’s whole life and that the former caregiver was advanced in age and no longer wanted her. She was not even willing to take her to a vet as she didn’t see the sense in spending the money. Dora has never seen a vet and is not spayed. At three years of age her cancer risk is high. She needs to be spayed right away. The concerned family member noticed this forlorn bunny stuck away under a table in an old cage and contacted the rabbit Haven for help. Dora has basically been in the worst kind of isolation for 3 years! She has never even had a toy.

The family member was able to get the go ahead for her rescue. She even sent a check for help with her spay. That was so kind of her. It took a few long days but we were finally able to rescue her tonight. March 5 2015, Dora is safe in our care. Thank you Robert and Sarah! Tonight she will sleep on soft fleece flooring and she will have a litter box for the first time ever. She will have the space to move about freely and good food of course. Most important of all, she will be held and loved. Her two front legs are injured, splayed outward and unstable. Her back legs are stiff. These problems were made worse by the cramped conditions she was living in.

She will see a vet on Friday for x-rays, a blood panel and a treatment plan. To get her well we need around $500.00. Please help us help Little Dora by donating using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. We are determined to help her get well. Show Dora that you care and help her please. Together we can provide for all she needs. Look at her little face. Will you please help Dora get well?

Thank you Dear Friends,

Auntie Heather

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