Dumbledore - Big Lop Boy With Terrible Hock Abscesses
Update: September 15, 2016

Loving Dumbledore had to have yet another urgent surgical procedure this week. He developed a terrible and painful abscess under his chin and he is in the hospital. He stayed in the hospital for wound care and fluids/medications then on Wednesday after culture and blood work he had his full abscess removal surgery. He is now recovering in his Haven medical foster home.

Send healing wishes to this wonderful bunny. He has been through so much. He has a strong passion for life and is full of love. He has been doing so well until recently. Now both his eyes are inflamed and his terrible chin abscess is hurting him. He needs to be stabilized requiring this high level of veterinary support.

Cost of the hospitalization, minor surgery, cultures and bloodwork, and the major abscess surgery will be around $1,600. To donate to help Dumbledore heal you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Good news!!! He made it through all the procedures this week very well. Plus, his entire chest wall abscess and front foot abscesses have healed. Sweet Dumbles. Hopefully he can get through this and be free of infections and abscesses for the rest of his life.

Update: July 16, 2016

Dumbledore has truly amazed everyone. He has been through so much and most every injury has now healed. All four abscesses on his feet are now healed, his chest wall abscess has healed, and the chin abscess is also gone. Now he has an eye issues and fur loss in the front of his eyes that we are addressing with special cleansing solutions and medicated eye drops, oral meds for infection and Metacam for pain. Dumbledore is a fighter and once his eyes have cleared he will be available for adoption. Dumbles (his nickname) is happy, has a great appetite and is a gentle loving boy.

Update: October 30, 2015
Dumbledore’s day at the vet - Great results

Dumbledore went in for his check up yesterday and the doctor was happy to see that he has only three major abscesses left that need care on his feet. The fourth foot is healing well. His feet still need to be wrapped, yet his meds have changed and his may get an upgrade to a special pad for his back feet to help them heal more quickly. He no longer has to have his feet soaked! Hey! We still need to address the chest wall abscess as soon as the foot abscesses are managed. Regardless, that does not seem to bother him at this time. He was quite a hit with the staff and doctor yesterday. He is such a sweet bunny and darling with his hunky self and long ears. It is official, he now weighs 13 pounds.

Send your love and get well wishes to Dumbledore. If you want to help Dumbledore, you can select items from our Amazon wish list or donate cash using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. We are considering getting him a very large palace pet bed fabric piece 60” long to cover the kitchen where he now lives. Right now he literally lives on the Brute pet bedding Amy bought him. He loves those floor pads. He has two of them side by side and he stays on them. Occasionally when he gets adventurous, he hops off and onto the fleece but he is not so happy about that. What an awesome rabbit! He looks adorable in his blue wrapped feet. He honestly does not seem to mind. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Update: September 16, 2015
Dumbledore after 4 foot surgery

Our darling Dumbledore had a long day in surgery yesterday. The doctor needed to surgically repair all four feet. The incisions were made on the sides so he can walk. He is finally back in medical foster care at 8PM last night. Both his back hocks had extensive abscesses and the abscessed tissues had to be surgically removed. One was so bad that it required a drain and he needs to go back to the vet this Thursday to have that drain removed. He is so sore today and thankfully just started to eat again.

Please send get well wishes and any items you can think of from his Amazon wish list including gauze pads, gauze bandages, vet wrap and even more big fleece floor covers as we need to use two at a time. Palace pet bedding will also be needed given the padding he must have given all four feet are now sore. His surgical costs today were $1,200. So we are accepting cash donations to help cover these expenses. We have a match of $300 today, all of your donations will be matched dollar for dollar. A second person called today and may put on the next match for him later in the week! So every dollar you donate will be doubled.

Regardless of the extensive surgery he had today, Dumbledore is much improved from his initial state. When he was first rescued, he was so malnourished he could barely stand. These abscesses needed to be taken care of. Because of his fragile condition we decided to do one surgery on the front foot which was the most damaged. Then we needed to focus on medical management to allow him to gain strength and heal. He has! We waited as long as we could for his big surgeries; however the chances of the infection overwhelming him were just too great, so we had to go forward. Poor loving Dumbledore. He is so exhausted today he is resting on his Palace pet bedding. We will continue to watch him very closely. We love him so much.

Amazon shoppers, you are awesome! We have already gotten so many generous gifts of supplies for Dumbledore's care. It takes one roll of vet wrap for each wrapping session plus bandages so we are really going through a lot of supplies during his care. He is also using Veteriycin, SSD cream, wraps and chlorhexaderm, all of the Amazon donations are being put to good use. Thanks to each and every one of you who have worked so hard to help Dumbledore have the surgeries he had prior to today and thank you in advance for your kindness sending your love and perhaps a donation to help him make it through. We will keep you updated about his condition and recovery.

Update: September 11, 2015

Dumbledore visited the vet last week and he has two hock abscesses on the side of his hocks that need to be surgically removed on September 15. His front paw is healing! His other front paw began to swell again, so his medications were changed and that foot is now also wrapped. His physical therapy is continuing and a new softer padding is being applied on his feet so he will have more padding. He is gaining weight, able to get around very well , uses his big litter box beautifully. He is eating well and being an overall wonderful bunny!

Sadly this week we discovered a chest wall abscess or tumor and related symptoms. We will test and culture this next week. To help manage Dumble's abscess surgery post op care, we will need many more 2 inch gauze rolls and vet wrap. Managing three paws (soon to be four) takes a great deal of medical supplies. We also need 2x3 inch Telfa pads. Check out our Amazon Wish List for these and other items for Dumbles! Dumbledore is an awesome bunny and he now has three feet bandaged each day and well as daily soaks for infected feet. He is none the less a happy boy and is in great spirits. We love him so much.

Good news: Last Saturday Carolyn Mosher and Sioux Ammerman put on a wonderful bake sale to help gather funds for Dumble's surgery. Nail trims also donated all their proceeds to help him. We raised a good amount of cash to use for Dumbledore's vet bills. Now we just need medical supply, medications, and post surgical follow up vet visits to get him through his next surgery day September 15th Thank you to the great bakers and friends of Dumbledore who brought in fancy pastries and delights to make the bake sale look like a fancy bakery! Amazing. It was truly a beautiful display of food and a loving gesture of support Dumbles.

If you want to help Dumbledore, you can purchase items for him from our Amazon Wish List or donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. We will continue to update this page as his condition changes.

Update: July 24, 2015
Dumbledore after his first surgery

Dumbledore had problems during his surgery yesterday. He had such a significant and complex abscess in his paw that Dr. Stern could only do one foot. The abscess was very difficult to remove as the foot pad had multiple walled off abscesses deep inside the pad. We are just going to do one pad at a time. Given the extensive surgery he required on one foot and related issues, he received IV fluids at the clinic and come back to his foster site last night for the intensive care he will require. Dr. Stern was able to obtain a culture of the abscess, so we will know soon the exact antibiotic medications that will work for him. In the meanwhile we will continue with SSD, pain medications, standard antibiotics, eye medications and keeping his temperature and diet stable. We will also assist feed him as necessary until his appetite improves.

If you want to help with Dumbledore's care, please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. You can also choose special items for Dumbledore from our Amazon Wish List. Once he recovers from this surgery, he will see Dr. Stern again and we will decide when to schedule his next procedure based on how well he has healed.

These photographs of Dumbledore's front and rear paws were taken just before he came to us. The red puffy areas are the dangerous abscesses that Dr. Stern is treating. This condition is called ulcerative pododermatitis and is often the result of housing a rabbit on wire or other hard substrate for an extended time. The skin of the foot is damaged by the substrate, then the sores become infected and form abscesses. For a large bunny like Dumbledore, the pressure on the feet makes this even more difficult to treat.

Dumbledore's injured front feet Dumbledore's injured rear feet
Front paws Rear paws
Update: July 23, 2015
Dumbledore with Dr Stern

Sweet Dumbledore went to see Dr. Stern yesterday. He has a hardened rope like area around his chest, infected eyes, and damaged skin around the eyes. He has severe abscesses on all four of his feet and he is extremely thin. Folds of excess skin hang on his body. In addition, he has injuries and urine scald that has burned the skin on his thighs, hind end as well as his feet. These areas will require special attention, daily cleaning and medication.

He is receiving abundant food, pain and antibiotic medications, eye ointment and drops to help clear the eye infection. Radiographs taken today showed that his back feet bones are not damaged (thankfully). Dr. Stern had been concerned that the abscess had already infiltrated the bones of his feet. This condition would have offered a poor prognosis for recovery for this sweet boy.

Dumbledore goes in today for his first surgery on his front feet. Both pads are pus filled and this has to be addressed. We can do only two feet at a time, so his surgical process has just begun. We are pleased that he is responsive to medications and shows signs of healing already. He does have a long road ahead of him. He is truly amazing and gives kisses when he is petted even though he hurts. He is a sweetheart.

If you want to help this wonderful little boy please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. You can also choose a special gift for Dumbledore from our Amazon Wish List. We are committed to seeing him through the long process of surgeries and healing. Please send get well wishes to Dumbledore today. His surgery is set for 10AM July 23rd at Animal Hospital of Soquel.

July 22, 2015
Dumbledore on intake

Dumbledore was rescued yesterday from a shelter. He was brought to our spay/neuter clinic on Sunday for evaluation, and Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM found that he was in pretty bad shape. He has large ulcerated wounds on all four feet, a large abscess on his chest, urine scalding, mites and a weepy eye. He is a large bunny, 11 pounds currently, and he's still severely underweight. He will require surgery, medications, and frequent bandage changes for his injured feet. He is already feeling better, loving food and begging for attention.

Dumbledore will require expensive medications and vet care. We've added a few items to our Amazon wish list that we will need for his care: vet tape for his bandaging, 1ml syringes for administering medications, Vetericyn spray to help with his wounds, critical care to be sure he is getting enough nutrition and soft fleece blankets that his foster home will use to cushion his feet. If you would like to purchase items from our wish list for Dumbledore, you can purchase items from Dumbledore's wish list. Cash donations are also welcome to help with his vet bills. If you would like to donate cash, you can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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