Hazelnut's Story
Update: December 24, 2007

Here is an update on Hazelnut from her medical care site with Linda in Santa Cruz:

Hazelnut has been off all of her medications for several days now. She is eating really well *and* losing some of her excess pudge also! As she loses the weight, she is becoming much more active. She is not hiding as much and is allowing her foster mama to pick her up more easily. She has decided that being loved and cuddled is -- gasp! -- a really great thing! She still gets a little shaky when first held, but settles in quickly for her pets & lovies. She has been pouncing on her holiday bag like crazy, making all kinds of noise and having herself a grand ol' time.

Hazelnut is making such wonderful progress and seems to have overcome her medical issues. She has become really reliable with her litterbox. Spring Mix greens are her favorite things in the world, and now that her teeth are healed she is also eating her timothy pellets & hay with enthusiasm.

So, Hazel is well on her way now. With some more love and security from all her Haven aunties & uncles, she should be ready for her forever home very soon.

Update: December 16, 2007

Hazelnut is recovering from her dental surgery and tooth extraction. She is having trouble eating and needs to be assist fed. We need another cuisinart - She tries to eat, but has difficulty. Losing three teeth makes it painful to move food into her mouth. Hazel is on pain medications and heavy antibiotics. She is naturally frightened of being handled too much but we are working with her every day to help her know she's safe, loved and will get better. Hazelnut is such a loving girl - she still whimpers which is sad, so we just our pour on more love and attention. So far it is working. Blessings to Julie, the shelter advocate who brought her to Auntie Heather's attention and to Dr. Hawklyn who performed her surgery. She is our bunny Tooth Fairy! Please send hugs and bunny get well wishes to Hazelnut, the sweet French lop girl.

December 6, 2007
Severely abused and injured bunny needs help

Hazelnut was dumped at a shelter with fractured teeth and severe injuries to her jaw and gums. Two of the teeth were broken at the gum line, barely hanging on the soft tissue of her gums. Based on her condition, we fear that she was abused, either kicked or dropped by a person. This beautiful bunny was rushed to Dr. Hawklyn at Creekside Veterinary Hospital, where she had a surgical procedure to save her life. Two of Hazelnut's teeth had to be removed, and the doctor said she had a rough time during surgery. The surgery was difficult and she lost a lot of blood. She is recovering now in foster care, and is trying to learn how to eat again without two of her teeth.

If you want to help this sweet girl, please contact us. Can you even imagine someone hurting her badly enough to knock out two teeth? This is shocking cruelty. The Haven will do everything we can to make her well.

Please send get well wishes to Hazelnut, our loving little lop. Auntie Heather says:

I am thinking good thoughts for Hazelnut's wellness and happiness and when I hold her in my arms she will be so loved. Everyone send good wishes to this bunny! In a few weeks she will hopefully heal and be ready for a real permanent loving home - I just cannot stand this abuse of a wonderful bunny. I do not understand and I do not want to understand! I want it to stop! Help Hazelnut heal - send get well wishes. Let's help her learn to love and trust again.

You can make a cash donation to help with Hazelnut's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.


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