Honeybun's Story
Update: December 20, 2007
Honeybun in his foster home

Here is our update on Honeybun who is doing GREAT! His foster mom writes:

Honeybun is doing so well. He is such a sweetie and seems to be getting his energy back. He's always been pretty mellow and now he is wanting to explore and hop around more.

We are just going to enjoy the holidays with our little sweetheart.

Update: November 28, 2007

Honeybun is back with The Haven and is once again in the care of his foster mom Heather. Thanks to the terrific care given to him by our medical foster site, and the surgical skill of Dr. Sorem and Dr. Harvey, Honeybun's health continues to improve. His sutures have been removed, and the injured eye is healing nicely. He'll need several weeks of medical assistance and TLC and then he'll be ready for adoption into his forever home. We'll post updates and new pictures soon.

Update: November 5, 2007

Binkies to Karen Courtemanche from Harvest Home and Rabbit Haven supporters - together we may have generated enough money to cover Honeybun's care! Plus, both Dr Sorem (VCA) and Dr Harvey (Chabot) donated all their surgical time! All VCA staff also contributed their support! Blessings to Julie and Anna for initially saving Honeybun and for his first medical site foster mom, Heather L. She can barely wait until she sees him again. Honeybun still has that cute little smile, you can see it in his picture. Here is the latest report from our medical foster site:

Honeybun after his eye surgery

Honeybun continues to do well with his recuperation. The suture line on his left eyelid looks great. There was never any discharge from it and very little swelling. Once the fur grows back, he'll look fine and dandy. His "other end" - Dr. Sorem neutered him - looks fine, too.

We are continuing with Baytril and Metacam until Tuesday. He doesn't appear to be in any pain, but we're still doing the Metacam just in case. He loves the banana flavored Baytril that Dr. Sorem sent home with him. It must taste yummy, as I have a hard time getting the empty syringe back!

His appetite continues to be great. Eats everything in sight, although he doesn't seem to be a particularly big hay eater. His water intake is slowly lowering to what it should be. He's using his litterbox - we use Noah's Choice Premium Animal Bedding as litter here - and his pills are slowly getting larger. I'm probably going to have to get a larger (i.e., heavier) pellet bowl for him, as he likes to pick up and toss the one he currently uses, sending his pellets flying. He's apparently OK with eating them off the towel in his cage.

Honeybun playing in the yard

Saturday afternoon, Honeybun and I went to visit the Stiger family. Erich Stiger and Renata Frey and their daughters are the main fosters for the Alameda shelter bunnies. The main purpose for the visit was to have Renata take some digital photos of Honeybun's eye so you could see how well it's healing only four days after the surgery (photos one, two and three). The other reason was to let Honeybun have a little playtime with Chiara and Ella in the "Conejo Corral" in the Stiger's backyard. If I understand his background correctly, this might've been the first time he had ever been able to run and play in grass. As you can see from the photos, he had a good time. The girls even picked a fresh, 100% natural, homegrown dandelion for him.

Update: November 4, 2007

Honeybun underwent surgery to remove his badly infected eye. We recently got an update on his condition from his foster care givers. Here is the update:

I have Honeybun with me in foster care. The surgery was performed at VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in Oakland, California. Dr. Juliana Sorem is one of the new doctors there and she volunteered to perform the surgery with Dr. Harvey. It was not a "scheduled" surgery day for either doctor, so it was nice of them to give up their time to help Honeybun.

Dr. Carolynn Harvey, formerly of VCA Bay Area and now practicing at Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward, California, gave up her day off to come to VCA Many of you have probably heard of Dr. Harvey, or maybe even know her personally. She's arguably done more to advance rabbit veterinary medicine than anyone, and Honeybun's a very lucky bun to have her on his team. He's not the first needy bunny she's given her time and energy to help.

The technical staff at VCA Bay Area also played a BIG part in the success of Honeybun's surgery. The facility is well equipped for major surgeries such as this, and the staff is very experienced.

Dr. Harvey and Dr. Sorem both left messages for me while I was at work, following Honeybun's surgery. They are pleased with the results, and mentioned that he woke up exceptionally quick and well. He's spending the night in recovery at VCA, and barring any unforeseen developments I should be able to pick him up today around noontime.

The focus of the post-op protocol will be to make sure the incision heals properly. He'll be on Baytril (oral, banana flavored) and an oral pain reliever for the duration. He'll return to VCA in 7 to 10 days for suture removal and an inspection of the eye area. Our greatest concerns will be to prevent infection (hence the Baytril) and make sure he doesn't damage the incision by scratching at it if it starts to itch.

I anticipate he'll be in Rabbit Repair & Recuperation here at the Sievers warren for 3 to 4 weeks, then if all goes well I'll return him to Heather at The Rabbit Haven so he can be placed up for adoption.

Update: October 30, 2007

Honeybun, the abused sweet Holland lop boy who must have his eye removed goes into surgery tomorrow morning! Please send get well wishes. May this charming sweet boy who has suffered so much be healed and get well soon - He has so many people pulling for him. We will let you all know how he does post surgery tomorrow. He will have the very best care from Dr. Harvey and Dr. Sorem of VCA in Oakland. We can just see him well, happy and healthy running about being his loving sweet self. He is an amazing bunny boy!

Update: October 24, 2007

When Honeybun came into The Haven, he could barely see out of his right eye and his left eye was heavily infected. He was in miserable condition, in horrible pain, seriously malnourished and dehydrated and was barely able to stand. Our Vets at Creekside (Dr Stern and Dr Hawklyn) evaluated him and told us that he was blind and needed his eye removed, plus medications, a special diet and lots of care. His infection was so inflamed that he needed care before this next surgical steps could occur.

Honeybun could barely eat or move, but there was a special spark in this little fellow. With the shelter advocates' support (Julie and Anna) The Haven decided to do all in our power to save him. We hurried him into medical foster care and began providing medications, warm packs to his eye and pain control. His foster mom Heather is a nurse. She began his nursing support the day of his rescue. What a great team of caregivers!

We sent out word of Honeybun's plight, and other rescues immediately pitched in to help him. Karen of Harvest Home agreed to help, and Dr. Carolyn Harvey (a great vet and surgeon) agreed to donate her services to help him! The House Rabbit Society gave us a shelter grant to help pay for vet bills, and both Harvest Home and The Haven raised money to pay for his pending surgery. Anna Barker and Julie Wood, the shelter advocates, handled all transport and paperwork. Honeybun was on his way to love and health!

On October 22nd, we took Honeybun to Chabot Vet Hospital in Hayward CA to be examined by Dr Carolyn Harvey. What an incredible veterinarian she is! Dr. Harvey came in after vet technicians from her office had come to visit and give Honeybun pets and words of encouragement. The staff at Chabot were friendly and very nice. Dr. Harvey took the time to fully examine Honeybun - nose to tail. She reviewed the test results that we had faxed in from Sound Diagnostics lab in Washington and Creekside Vet Hospital in Soquel. She then examined his terribly injured eye. The severely damaged eye is apparently is from an old injury that went untreated. He has been suffering terrible pain from this injury for some time. The good news is that his right eye can be saved. Dr. Harvey said that in his best interests to remove the left eye to help him avoid abscesses, more pain and suffering and to prevent additional disease from occurring due to the infected eye. His right eye is without disease, and he can see from this eye. The examination also discovered that his teeth are badly stained and his incisors are growing in an unusual pattern, but his back teeth are fine. The front teeth have a gap and point outwards slightly. He has no problem using those teeth to eat! He had two treat cookies at the vet's office!

At the end of his appointment Dr. Harvey gathered Honeybun up into her arms in a soft blanket and carried him off to his special room at Chabot. She said "He may even find a home on this trip." She then went on through the door with a smile and Honey bun. She is such a compassionate, loving person.

Honeybun has gained about 1/4 of a pound since he has been in our care, and he is always hungry. His infection and inflammation have subsided by 60%. He seems to have much less pain in the head and eye area. He is no longer depressed or lethargic, and he has been hopping around and playing with his plush toy. He loves being snuggled. Most of the dried, dirty, matted and sun bleached fur has been removed - He is now clean and free of fleas.

He is eating well now. Honeybun loves any and all kinds of hay but has a preference for oat, alfalfa and timothy. He is still adjusting to greens - He didn't know what they were at first, but he does now. We have to be careful given his condition to go slow. He has had no diarrhea but when he is introduced to a new veggie he has an occurrence of loose stools, so we are going slowly with new greens. He has no urine scald and appears to have great control of cleaning, eating and all bunny activities. He likes barrel and ball toys and pushes these about with his nose.

His foster mom, Heather the RN, did a fabulous job of caring for him while she fostered him. She provided medications based on the doctors orders, and provided the cleaning and grooming he needed. She also hot packed his eye twice daily and kept his enclosure clean and arranged well for him. He does use his litter box. Such a good boy. Honey bun is so loving! Every day of supportive care he improves! It is heart breaking to think how long he suffered in this terrible condition. The lack of food, the untreated injury, his housing in a hutch - Everything was wrong. I am so happy he survived in spite of his conditions. Now, he is in heaven compared to all that. He will be going into loving foster care at a Haven medical foster site, where his care will continue.

He is set to have his eye surgery soon. Soon Honeybun will be pain free and once again a healthy and happy bunny. Dr. Harvey was very pleased to see him. With her in his corner his chances of surgical correction and recovery are great! He has so many people pulling for him! Thanks to everyone who is helping and contributing to his care.

We will be in constant contact with Dr. Harvey and all the team involved with Honey bun's care. What a lucky bunny! He has so many people who love him and want to help him heal, and he will heal! He's a strong little man. We are fortunate to have two strong rabbit advocates in Anna and Julie at the shelter that took in Honeybun. We are grateful to have their advocacy help for this shelter in Santa Cruz county. Without advocates we might not have known about Honeybun or been able to help him.

Thank you everyone who has offered help and kind wishes to Honeybun. Blessings to Honeybun and Dr. Harvey and all of you pulling together to help him. If you want to help you can contribute via PayPal, or by check. Watch this page for updates on Honeybun's progress.

October 16, 2007

Honeybun's injured eye

We received a frantic call from the shelter advocate Monday afternoon, October 15. An injured bunny had just been surrendered. He seemed to be in great pain with a serious eye injury - they were not sure if he even had an eye left on one side. His "owner" surrendered him because she "could not provide housing for him anymore." Apparently, she did not notice that he was barely moving, his left eye was infected and blind, and he was in terrible pain. Due to his deteriorating medical condition, the shelter was going to euthanize him on October 16.

In order to receive care he had to have rescue. Well, look at that sweet face - We could not just turn our backs on him! He was rushed in to see our vet at Creekside Veterinary Hospital, immediately given pain medications and started on antibiotics. Despite being so poorly treated the vet says he has a good chance to recover, so we are moving forward. Lets help this little boy be well again and be loved. The Haven is now raising money for Honeybun so he can receive all the care he needs. Our vet has agreed to see him in exams free of charge! But medications, eye surgery and related infection control will still be costly.

Honeybun enjoying a lettuce leaf

This little fellow is as sweet as they come, eats out of your hand and gives plenty of kisses. He must know He is safe now. Of course we are scurrying to meet his every need. He is in a great foster home with a registered nurse proving his care per vet orders. His first vet appointment was $150, plus an additional $250 for required tests and medications. Next, he has to have surgery on that eye once we have the inflammation under control a couple of weeks, which will cost $300-400. Then he will be well. Yay Honeybun!

Please send healing wishes for Honeybun, and if you can help financially, you can make a donation to his care via PayPal, or by check.

Honeybun is his new foster home

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