Kitara and Katiah, Two Sisters Rescued from Dangerous Situation
June 13, 2013

On Saturday afternoon we received a call from a person asking us if we would take an injured bunny, a 2.5 week old baby. We were told that the baby did not have a mother and that no one would want her as she was missing a leg. We responded immediately and found out that the rabbits were housed outside and in danger. Several litters had been born and most of them had been given away. Only two remained. We then learned that the one baby's legs had been taken off in a predator attack and two of her siblings had been killed at the same time. Discussing the situation with the family, we asked to take both the tiny injured baby and her sibling which we received within hours.

I was so relieved to have them safe in my arms. Once with the Haven, these weak and sick little ones went to see the vet. She started both on medications for eye infections and the leg infection Kitara suffered. Fluids needed to be administered as well as both were severely dehydrated. They both began KMR and critical care to offer them proper nutrients.

The most severely injured baby, Kitara, is in a delicate and difficult battle to fight off infection at the leg stump site. She most likely would not survive a surgery at her tender age, so we have been advised to wait to allow her to regain strength and to grow. She requires daily medications, cleaning and antibiotic cream to keep her wound covered and properly treated. It is a miracle that she survived. This is a tribute to her strength of will. She is a survivor. She is doing very well at this time and both she and her sister's eye infections have improved. Her medications are holding back the leg infection so far. When Kitara is well enough and old enough she can have an appropriate amputation to correct the leg damage and to creating a proper skin pad covering for what remains of her back leg. In about one more week she will need further testing to make sure her leg bone has not become infected. If this occurs, this may force us into surgery earlier to dave her life. She is such a strong little girl. I know she will make it!

Kitara and her sister Katiah are the sweetest bunnies and regardless of their beginnings, they are friendly, adorable and seek affection and holding. They eagerly drink their formula and have now added pellets and alfalfa hay to their menu. Please send your get well wishes to this precious tiny pair, Kitara and Katiah. To help support Kitara through her surgical process you may donate by using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Indicate that your donation is for Kitara so we know to put it toward her care. Send your love and healing thoughts to these precious babies.

Designed by James Farris