Jeannine - Large Abscess Surgery
Update: October 5, 2015

Jeannine’s surgical site has healed beautifully and is feeling so much better! Her front leg is now functioning normally and she is able to move about freely and without pain. She is eating and drinking normally. She will move to a new medical foster Monday Sept 28 where she will continue to receive her antibiotics for her respiratory infection and fluids to correct bladder sludge issues. In a few months she has come so far. Good news for Jeannine. She is still very shy and will need so much love to see her through. Thank you to all who helped Jeannine have her surgery and remove the abscess.

September 17. 2015
Jeannine after her surgery

Jeannine (Jenny) went in for abscess surgery on Tuesday. She had a large abscess on her shoulder. The abscess was much more extensive that we first thought and her surgery was performed removing an encapsulated abscess. She now has a 4.5 inch long incision site and will need medical support and continuing medication and veterinary care to make it through. Today she is resting comfortably and is eating, drinking and able to get around. She has several drugs she is taking now to help clear any remaining infection and obviously pain medication to help her feel more comfortable.

Originally Jeannine came in with a urinary tract infection and bladder sludge and she was in great pain as she was unable to pass urine. That was handled with sub Q fluids and medications. Then we discovered a very large abscess on her shoulder. The core was very deep and the abscess had spread to over a 2.5 inch area. Jenny was overweight when she came in, and her weight is improving and she is still losing weight. In part this is how the shoulder abscess was missed, she was so overweight that the doctor could not feel the abscess. We are hopeful that this surgery removed the entire abscess and that she can make a full recovery.

If you would like to support Jeannine, she will appreciate your help! Her surgical expenses were $785.00. You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. A matching fund of $300 is available for Jeannine, so your contributions will be matched dollar for dollar. Jeannine is need of help with her medical costs. She also needs to use the light Care fresh as Jeannine also had bladder sludge which has almost cleared. Orchard grass hay is one of her favorites and helps her litter box stay soft so she can get in and out with ease. She loves soft fleece and is looking for a sweet plush white bunny friend to keep her company. Send her get well wishes. She is a darling pure white ruby eyed bunny girl. She needs to remain in her medical care site and will see the vet again in 14 days. We will keep you posted on this angel girl. She is being so brave.

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