Jeramyah's Story
March 1, 2010


We thought Jeramyah had only one eye. Here is our sweet little boy

Tiny 8 ounce Jeramyah came in as a tiny 4 week old extremely malnourished baby. He appeared to have only one eye. On closer inspection and soaking his eye was discovered under severe matting. At first we thought there was no eye left, as it seemed to have dried out. It was terribly ulcerated. All that was visible was a thick white substance under thickened swollen eyelids. He and his sister came in with very low temps and soaking wet and covered in urine.


The vet did not know if it would heal but we decided to do our very best! We are determined to save his eye. He is doing well and has a sister (Johannah) who loves to snuggle with him. This litter was dumped at a nearby shelter We took in Jeramyah and his sister so he would not be totally alone. She has proven to be such a good little care giving sister. Now after a few weeks of meds, hot packs and nursing care and he can open his eye. It looks like there is indeed an eye there. The thick white covering slowly came apart then fell off his eye. As we applied eye ointment and hot packs the eye has improved daily. Please send healing wishes to Jeramyah.

Jeramyah today

Want to help? Please contribute to Jeramyah's care via pay pal or anyway you like. We will do whatever it takes and will report on front page and personally to those who want to help him get well. We will have photos of Johannah his sister soon. If you would like to help us to cover her costs of Jeramyah's care, please donate by check or by our PayPal account. Note on the check or PayPal page that the donation is for Jeramyah.

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