Jossalin's Story
Update: February 20, 2008

Jossalin is now completely recovered from her amputation surgery. She is able to move around remarkably well, and she can run and do binkies too! She has been transformed into a sweet and gentle rabbit who enjoys the company of people. Jossalin is now available for adoption. You can see this special girl in action in her video.

Update: December 28, 2007

Jossalin came back to Auntie Heather on Christmas Day. Jossalin is improving, she is still healing and needs to see Dr. Harvey again soon to check her incision. It will be another two weeks for her to fully recover. She has learned how to get around perfectly! She is so graceful! Her wounds have not quite healed and we are very gentle with her. She is so delicate and uses her litter box very carefully. She loves her toy bunny and carries it about in her room. She likes her cardboard house too and enjoys sleeping inside of it. Get well wishes to Jossalin.

Update: December 20, 2007

Here is a recent update from the medical site that is caring for Jossalin while she recovers from her amputation surgery:

Jossalin continues to do fine. The incision looks great and she's leaving it alone. Some fur has started to grow back. She eats, drinks and eliminates OK - she's nearly 100% with her litterbox habits. She's more accepting of her meds now, although she's figured out what it means when I open the cage to get her. Even with only three legs she's very fast and can really scoot. She's very fastidious about grooming and keeps her fur nice and clean. It's kinda funny to watch her try to scratch her right ear with her right foot. She goes through all the motions, including wiggling her ear a little. She also grooms her plush bunny friend.

Update: December 16, 2007

Jossalin is now in the expert care of a medical care site in Alameda. She was transferred from Dr. Harvey to the medical site on December 15, and is settling in well.

Here is a report from her care givers:

Put her in the cage a few minutes ago. I actually set her in the litterbox (timmy hay on top of Noah's Choice Animal Bedding, which is what we use as litter). She sniffed everything in the litterbox, then hopped out and checked out the rest of the cage - food and water bowls, a plush bunny, various toss and chew toys, and her "house" at the other end of the cage. After about 30 seconds, she hopped back into the litterbox, went to the back corner, and peed! Yea! Good girl! She's still sitting in it, and I see a couple of pills.

I think she'll do fine.

Update: December 15, 2007

Based on a discussion with Dr. Harvey this morning, Jossalin is doing very well today. She has had her IV catheter removed from her ear this morning as she is no longer in need of that! She is up and about eating and drinking well, and is happy to snuggle with the techs there at Chabot. Jossalin is surely missing her foster mom, Linda, but everyone at Chabot is helping her to feel safe and loved. Jossalin most likely feels much better now having that necrotic stump removed. She has already learned how to hop about with the one good hind leg. She is doing GREAT! She continues on pain medications and antibiotics and will now be going into the excellent post operative care of a medical site in Alameda today. Way to go Jossalin! Send get well wishes for our precious girl. What an ordeal to have your foot torn off, then be left alone to die outdoors. Just as her hope was fading, she was rescued and found love, medical care and comfort - tis the season!!! We are so happy to have her with us at The Rabbit Haven. Thank you again to Dr. Harvey and staff at Chabot Vet hosptial.

Update: December 14, 2007
Jossalin with Dr. Harvey
Jossalin with Dr. Harvey

We spoke with Dr. Harvey this afternoon, soon after Jossalin's procedure was complete. Jossalin's surgery went very well. Dr. Harvey was pleased with the outcome. Jossalin had no complications, and it was noted that Jossalin still had plenty of healthy tissue on her leg. Dr. Harvey was able to perform a mid-femur amputation and Jossalin was doing very well at 3 PM, already eating and learning how to move about. By 6 PM. She was being a strong, happy, loving girl and was busy winning over everyone's hearts At Chabot Hospital. Dr. Harvey gave her a grade of 100% on the surgery outcome and an excellent prognosis for her full recovery. For the next two weeks Jossalin will stay in Alameda for post operative support. She is close to Dr. Harvey and that will be important for her recovery. After this period she will return to her primary caregiver, Linda, our nurse in Santa Cruz. We will welcome her back with joy! Jossalin's blood pressure, heart rate and respiration were all perfect last tonight. Dr. Harvey said in a few months she will certainly be recovered enough to be adopted. Some lucky person is going to be able to add this wonderful, loving girl to their family soon. Our thanks to Dr. Harvey and the staff at Chabot in Hayward, and to Linda and Cindy too!

Jossalin after her operation
Jossalin after her surgery
Update: December 13, 2007

While she was being transported to Auntie Heather for her preoperative care, Jossalin's necotic stump on the injured leg literally fell off, leaving the bone protruding and bleeding. Once the bleeeding was under control, Linda and Cindy, two Haven volunteers, rushed her from Scotts Valley to Hayward to see Dr. Harvey. Dr. Harvey kept her office open long past closing time to await their arrival. During the trip, Linda kept a pressure bandage on the wound and elevated the leg to reduce the blood loss. Jossalin is resting comfortably with Dr. Harvey tonight, and will undergo the amputation surgery as planned tomorrow. Please keep Jossalin in your thoughts tonight. We will keep you updated on her condition. She is having surgery December 14th! Send healing wishes.

Update: December 12, 2007

Under the watchful eye and loving care of her nurse Linda, Jossalin has gained almost 3/4 of a pound at our medical foster site. Jossalin has blossomed into a gentle, loving bunny who loves attention and pets. For the first time in her life she is getting good quality food, hay and vegetables. She is still receiving pain medication and antibiotics, but her broken and exposed bone continues to grow more and more necrotic. We are concerned that her injury may turn septic, and threaten her life, so she will undergo amputation surgery this week. We now estimate that the surgery and care for Jossalin will cost $1500.

Jossalin is scheduled for her amputation surgery on December 14. She will undergo a mid-thigh amputation of her infected leg, and her surgeon will be using a procedure that preserves muscle and skin tissue to be used as a pad. This special surgery will be performed by Dr. Carolynn Harvey at Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward. The procedure will give Jossalin better balance than a full amputation, and will help to prevent spinal injuries later on in life. Dr. Harvey is the most skilled surgeon we know of to perform this surgery, and she is giving us a significant discount on the fees for the procedure. Once the procedure is performed, Jossalin will require 8 weeks of medications and physical therapy. A medical foster site in Alameda has graciously agreed to handle the post operative care. This site has done a terrific job caring for many sick bunnies, and he has agreed to be Jossalin's guardian angel.

Ordinarily, we have funds on hand set aside for special needs bunnies like Jossalin. Unfortunately, we have taken in so many ill and injured bunnies over the last few months, that our funds are exhausted. We really need the financial support of our community during this time to help Jossalin recover and become a loved house bunny. You can make a cash donation to help with Jossalin's expenses via donate by check.

Update: December 4, 2007

Based on the recommendations of Dr. Harvey and Dr. Nakamura, we have determined that Jossalin will require a mid-thigh amputation of her injured leg. Dr. Harvey is slated to perform the surgery. She intends to save some of the muscle and skin tissue from around the injury to form a pad that will cover the end of the severed bone. This way, Jossalin will be able to comfortably put weight on the injured leg, and she will be able to lie with it touching the floor without discomfort.

Jossalin is still on a course of antibiotics to reduce the infections in her leg, and she is receiving expert TLC at our medical site in Santa Cruz. Her doctors want her to gain some weight before the surgery, so she is also on a special diet.

The surgical procedure and follow up medications are expected to cost about $1200. We are asking for your financial help to allow us to get the care that Jossalin needs. We are collecting contributions on Jossalin's behalf, and every penny we raise will go to her care. She has had a tragic life until now, but once she recovers from her surgery, she will be on her way to a new life of happiness and love.

You can make a cash donation to help with Jossalin's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.

Update: November 23, 2007

Jossalin has been examined by two of our very best bunny vets (Dr. Nakamura and Dr. Harvey) and they both agree: she must have amputation at the mid-thigh of that back right extremity. This is of course a very serious surgical procedure and Jossalin will need intense postoperative care.

While making preparations for her surgery, Jossalin continues on her antibiotic and pain medications. She has gained some weight but still has a ways to go so she is eating unlimited amounts of alfalfa pellets along with her hay and twice daily greens. She continues to ask for lots of lovies and pets and will not eat until her head has been scratched to her satisfaction!

Jossalin's surgery and recovery will be very expensive and every penny in assistance that Jossalin receives will go directly to her care. She very much appreciates any donations that come her way, thank you so very very much!

November 18, 2007

Due to unknown circumstances, Jossalin sustained a horrific injury and she no longer has her right rear leg. Her previous owners put her out into the backyard to die, with no food or water. What terrible cruelty she suffered, on top of the severe pain of a lost limb. A good samaritan neighbor rescued her and took her to the shelter, then she came to The Rabbit Haven.

Jossalin's injured leg

Jossalin only has a small part of her right upper thigh remaining, the bone is sticking out and the entire stump is black & dead. She is currently undergoing veterinary evaluation and will probably be facing surgery to amputate the leg. In the meantime, she is on antibiotics and pain medications.

Despite the nasty circumstances of her past, Jossalin is a very sweet and friendly bunny. She limps to the front of her cage for head pets and settles in for cuddling on the shoulder. She of course is underweight but is eating well the good quality pellets, hay and greens that are offered to her. She makes it to the litterbox the majority of the time and manages to limp/hop/drag herself around. This bunny has guts and grit in spades!

Please keep Jossalin in your thoughts and prayers, and if you are able she would be very grateful for donations to help with the cost of her medical care and upcoming surgery. She thanks you in advance for whatever you do on her behalf. You can make a cash donation to help with Jossalin's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.

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