Injured and Ill Bunny Family Rescued
Update: September 3, 2013

Today wonderful Diana delivered Juna to her surgical appointment at 12 noon. We selected a great vet team at Ophthalmology for Animals in Aptos, the hospital of Dr. Gratzek and Dr. Freeman. Dr. K. Freeman was her surgeon today.

We waited all day, focusing on her well being and positive outcome. We were prepared for several surgical options and outcomes. Knowing Juna was in the best possible hands with Dr. Freeman gave us a strong sense of hope. Tiny Juna was having so much discomfort, vision issues and was unsettled. Her sister Julep helped her more than anything, grooming and snuggling her sister. I think Julep was the most nervous one today! She was clearly upset her sister was gone anxiously pacing in her area, looking long and hard into each area - looking for Juna.

Later in the afternoon around 4:15, Dr. Freeman called me to let me that Juna's surgery was complete. Also, they had to do a bit more surgery than we had planned. She removed the extra scar tissue from around her eyes and also removed the overgrowth on her eyes where scar tissue had formed due to chronic infection and subsequent abrasion. She placed a contact lens in one of Juna's eyes that was most damaged. The lens was inserted to prevent tissue from growing over the center blurring her vision. Incredibly great microsurgery work! She had an extensive Blepharoplasty and a Keratectomy with a lens insertion.

Juna will be able to see!

Juna did very well during the surgery and apparently did not have any problems with anesthesia. The procedures went very well and now Juna will be able to see much more completely and be able to open and close her eyes normally in just a week. Naturally, she will be on antibiotics and pain medications for several weeks until she is healed. Her prognosis is excellent for good vision in about one month. For now we just need to keep her from scratching at her eye which means the creation of the tiniest Elizabethan color made of paper plate.

We were all a bit nervous!!!

I admit all of us in the foster center where Juna lives were on edge all day. I think we will all calm down once Juna comes home. I know her sister will certainly be happy. She has been one nervous bunny!! She is a loving, caring sister. I just want to hold her one minute and give her a little kiss.

Thank you everyone for your love and support today and for your help to get us closer to being able to pay for her surgery. Diana plans to take her picture so I will send that on too. Hopefully we can get a great picture of sweet Dr. Freeman. She is such an amazing doctor and a wonderful human being

Update: July 12, 2013

Sunday, we consulted with a second vet for medication change and moved rabbit to a different medication. The eyes were just not improving and the babies were in great discomfort. The medication change was helpful. Monday, all the rabbits went to see the ophthalmologist, Dr Grazek. Three had minor eye surgery. We are trying to save their eyes. Dr Grazek worked with great speed and helped repair their eyes. Dr Grazek is a remarkable surgeon. The surgeries have made a big difference in eye swelling and there is already less infected material. I can see some improvement in just one day. They may not be perfect, but we are trying to save their lives and sight. They are in very poor condition, but with intensive medical support they will live and even be able to see eventually. They are certainly loved.

They are all on antibiotics and the babies receive hot packs plus eye medication six times per day. All the little ones will see Dr. Stern Wednesday to follow up after their surgeries.

Thank you everyone who has offered to help with these sweethearts. We will keep you posted. These are special little lion head dwarfs. Even with their eye surgeries they are cute as can be. It will be a hard time for this tiny family but hopefully we will have a good result and they will heal. They deserve a happy life.

These photos were taken of them last night. Send your love and healing wishes to Juna, Julip, Junip and Julian.

July 8, 2013

We received a mother and her four babies July 6th in Sunnyvale from a family who could not care for them. The were all in critical condition with extremely low temperatures & suffering from dehydration. They required immediate medical support. The smallest of the babies, Juna, was barely alive. These darling 2.5 week old babies have severe eye infections and one has such a badly injured eye that the eye is not functional and will most likely need to be removed. All were in extremely poor condition. Since Saturday we have worked with them 4 times each day providing fluids, hot packs to afflicted eyes and medication as directly by Dr Hilary Stern. The babies have a variety of eye injury and infections. They are on antibiotics, 3-4 X day hot packs plus several medications.

Julietta and her babies were taken to the vet the day we received them and today, July 8-2013 they will see Dr. Gratzek for a complete eye exam and evaluation to see if the vision and eyes of these rabbits can be saved. The little ones are Nina, Abby, Katie and Juna. They are the sweetest rabbits you can imagine. Their mother seems to realize I am helping. She is doing her best to care for them too.

This family is in our intensive care site in Santa Cruz county. Please help us to help these sweet and loving babies. Together we can save these fragile babies and their mother. Send prayers, energy and your support to The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. Please indicate that your donation is for Julietta's babies, so we know who it is for.

Love, Auntie Heather

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