Jumanji - Abandoned in the Rain and then Rescued by The Haven
Update: October 1, 2014

Jumanji has been adopted! He is living with another former Haven special needs bunny, Camille.

Jumanji’s tooth extraction surgery was successful and he has now been adopted by the family who also adopted special needs Camille. This sweet bunny pair is amazing. This new family adopted him after his surgery and is giving him plenty of time to heal before beginning the matchmaking process. Love to the special adoptive family. We hope to have a wonderful success story on these two rabbits soon.

Update: April 12, 2014
Jumanji with Dr. Nakamura

Jumanji was examined by Dr. Curt Nakamura DVM today at Adobe Animal Hospital. Dr. Nakamura was pleased with Jumanji's progress. The wound is still quite swollen, but there was no indication of infection where the surgery was performed. The culture that was done during Jumanji's last visit came back negative, which indicates that the antibiotics and flushing have removed the bacteria from the abscess site. Dr. Nakamura commented that the flushing and care done done by the Milkey family at his medical foster site was very good, the wound is very clean. Jumanji's sutures were removed, and we will now allow the wound to close up and begin to heal.

We will continue twice daily flushings until the wound closes up, the doctor thinks no more than three days of additional flushing will be required. Dr. Nakamura prescribed a continuation of Jumanji's every other day Penicillin-G injections, and twice daily oral Baytril for at least 3 more weeks. The goal now is to allow the wound to heal completely before tapering off the antibiotics. Jumanji lost an additional 1/4 of a pound in the 10 days since his last visit. We will continue to offer him an enhanced calorie diet to try to get his weight back up. Dr. Nakamura commented that it is not unusual for a rabbit with a severe wound to lose weight, he feels Juju will begin to gain weight again once the wound is healed.

Jumanji's vet bills continue to accumulate. We will have to keep up with his medications for at least another month, and he may require another procedure to grind down or remove a peg tooth that is currently growing in at an angle. Dr. Nakamura and the Milkey family have given Juju excellent care so far, and we will continue to provide whatever he needs. If you would like to donate to help with Jumanji's ongoing care, you can donate by check or online via our PayPal account. Please indicate that your donation is for Jumanji, so we can apply our challenge match to it.

Update: April 3, 2014

Jumanji was seen by Dr. Curt Nakamura DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital today, for a post surgical check up. Even though his appetite is good, Juju has lost another 1/4 of a pound, he now weighs a little under 5 pounds. The doctor cleaned the wound and removed some tissue and contaminants from it. He said that given the depth of the wound, he thinks it will take some time, medical care and support to heal properly. He is concerned that the wound will close up and capture infected debris inside, so for now he is leaving it stitched open. Dr Nakamura noted some scar tissue on the outer edge of the wound, which he said is sometimes a reaction to the chlorhexiderm. He is also concerned that the abscess was so close to bone tissue, he wants to be sure that the infection does not persist in the jaw bone. He took a swab from deep within the cavity with the intention of culturing it to see if the bacteria inside are resistant to Baytril.

Jumanji getting his abscess flushed

Dr. Nakamura's instructions going forward are to continue with Metacam, Baytril, and twice daily flushings. We are now switching to an every other day schedule for Pen-G injections, and we need to offer him extra pellets and alfalfa hay to try to get his weight back up. We have another follow up appointment scheduled for April 12. He requires close medical supervision.

Please help support Jumani's needs as they will be extensive. You can donate by check or online via our PayPal account. Please indicate that your donation is for Jumanji, so we can apply our challenge match to it. We wish we had better news, But Jumanji is determined and a sweetheart. He is also benefitting from great medical care with the Milkey family.

Update: March 27, 2014
Jumanji after assist feeding

Jumanji was examined by Dr. Nakamura and a large abscess was discovered growing on Jumanji's chin. The doctor suggested surgery to remove the abscess and the infected root of the tooth that broke off during Jumanji's previous surgery. The surgical procedure was performed by Dr. Nakamura at Adobe Animal Hospital on March 27. A large incision was made under the chin which allowed the doctor to remove the tooth root and the abscess. The wound is stitched open to allow access to flush the abscess site. Jumanji is currently getting the wound flushed twice a day with a chlorhexaderm solution. He is being given daily penicilin G injections and Baytril to control the infection, plus buprenex and Metacam for pain. Jumanji is also being assist fed twice a day to ensure that he gets enough nutrition to recover quickly.

The next step for Jumanji will be a recheck by Dr. Nakamura on April 3. We will know at that time what additional treatments may be required. Jumanji's medical expenses are now expected to top $1200. If you'd like to donate to help Jumanji, we have a challenge match going now. You can donate by check or online via our PayPal account. Please indicate that your donation is for Jumanji, so we can apply our challenge match to it.

March 12, 2014
Jumanji at intake

Haven staff received a frantic phone call from a business in a mall in Los Gatos mid day on a very busy Sunday. A rabbit had been found abandoned in the front parking lot in the rain. HE WAS SOAKED, dirty and barely resembled a bunny. Some little children on their way to a dance class picked up the drenched bunny, a little male angora. The did their best and came in a group with their moms bringing him to the grooming business. They had no idea what to do. The kindly groomers agreed to hold him, dry him and find a place for him. The business called the shelter that referred them to The Rabbit Haven.

The rabbit was freezing cold and the staff at the grooming place were able to towel dry him, rinse off the mud, then put him under a dryer to help dry his long angora fur. He is so adorable. He was missing so much fur, and all that he had was matted. He was so hungry. The business staff made a trip to the local pet store to pick up hay and food supplies for him. They were so kind.

Jumanji at intake

We sent James, our top transport person from Santa Cruz to pick Jumanji up and he went directly into foster care with Kay late Sunday evening. Poor little angel. He was so tired, underweight and filthy. Plus we could see that he had mites and what looked like a very bad tooth infection.

Jumanji was able to get into Adobe Animal Hospital the very next day where he was seen by Dr. Curt Nakamura DVM. Our foster cleaned him up, gave him a soft warm enclosure and a litter box, plenty of food and lots of love. He started to improve right away. She named him Jumanji. Jumanji was placed on antibiotics to start and a second appointment was made to examine his teeth to see the extent of tooth and jaw injury. Two front teeth were injured. One was dead and needed to be extracted. His tooth root was infected making it difficult and painful for him to eat.

After a few days, Jumanji was moved to a special Haven medical foster site, where he could recieve more specialized care. Jumanji was not eating well, was not pooping very much and didn't have much energy. His foster family assist fed him critical care twice a day, gave him antibiotics and pain medications plus additional treatments for his mite infestation. He recovered quickly, and started eating well on his own.

Dr. Carolynn Harvey DVM saw Jamanji on Sunday February 16 and agreed that the surgery was needed given the extent of the rabbit's abscess. He went on to have this surgery on February 27 2014 at Adobe (Dr Nakamura) to have the dental extraction. He was neutered at the same time. His tooth extraction had a small complication, the tooth broke and Dr. Nakamura was unable to remove the tooth root. He will see Dr. Nakamura again on March 22 to determine if further surgery is necessary.

The vet costs for Jumanji are around $1,050 at this time. We are fundraising to help cover the surgical expenses Jumanji has accumulated thus far. We are hopful that the infection in his mouth will heal given the surgery and medications. Juamnji will have a slow but steady healing process and is currently in the care of The Milkey family.

Jumanji is a gentle sweet bunny. Regardless of all he has been through he is a loving boy. Given Jumanji's medical condition and needs, we anticipate he will need two to three months for a full recovery. (if he has no further dental issues). Help us to provide this life saving care to this sweet bunny. If you want to donate to help Jumanji you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. Indicate that your donation is for Jumanji, so we know who it is for. We have a challenge grant from the Petfinder Foundation going now for Jumanji, so your donations for him will be doubled.

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