Kacey, a Bunny With a Terrible Eye Injury
December 13, 2014
Kacey after her surgery

Kacey was abandoned with a terribly injured eye. Since it was dangerously close to rupturing we went ahead and had it removed. The damage to the eye was too severe, there was no saving her eye. Kacey is recovering in kind foster care now and has a few months of care to be able to be well. Rabbits can adjust very well to the loss of one eye. Kacey is determined and in great care with Cara. This sweet rabbit loves adventure so part of her rehabilitation plan, to help orient her, will be to use a treat board and a variety of stimulation games to help her rebalance and find her way in a world with half of her vision. She is free of eye infections now and the pain associated with it. She is a dear bunny and her head is pretty swollen after surgery but we anticipate that she will recover in a few months.

Kacey's surgery and ongoing care are expected to cost more than $1000. If you would like to help with Kacey's medical fund, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Kacey after her surgery

Designed by James Farris