Kris Cringle's Story
Update: February 5, 2008
Kris Cringle

Sweet Kris is continuing to receive physical therapy and is being treated with a special herbal remedy to help her spine heal. T-touch sessions and physical therapy continue and she can now walk, run and play using those tiny back legs! She has learned to use her litter box but is still is having a bit of trouble getting in and out, even though the box is cut down. Her legs are bent a bit, so navigating can be difficult at times for us to watch, but it does not seem to bother her. She never seems to tire of trying. You naturally want to assist her but she wants to do this on her own. She is very clear that she resents her exercises too. She does not like it and refuses to do it. Guess who wins?

Kris is so loving and full of energy. She needs a bit of help with eating and continuing physical therapy, but with good care and support she'll be fine. She will stay in her medical site until she has the litter box down and has gained an appropriate amount of weight. She is such a sweet lion head girl, we love her so much! Dr. Harvey is now her doctor. Send get well wishes to Kris. She is on her way to healing. She may be a little different that other bunnies but she is certainly adorable. Her medications are important so she still needs funding for them. Kris is responding well to her midiacations, physical therapy, massage and T-touch so we do not think she will require surgery in the near future.

We no longer need to use super absorbent padded bedding for Kris as she has learned how to use the litter box. She still has her tough days where those little legs are just stiff and she needs gentle massage and T-touch to get her going. After that, she is A-OK and ready to twinkle about the carpet doing the cutest binkies in the world - like a tiny spring. Her bedding has been changed to soft baby blanket and fleece fabric. She loves her snuggle safe!!!

Thank you for all who have helped her so far. In a few more months she will be ready to go out to seek her very own special family. She is simply charming. A tiny little spirited delight. Please send healing prayers to Kris as she heals and learns to walk run and play in her own special way. Thank you to Faye for sending her cute the stuffed donkey and puppy! She loves them. Kisses to everyone who is helping Kris. She appreciates each of you!

December 29, 2007
Kris Cringle's injured legs

Sweet Kris Cringle was abandoned at a local ER vet clinic a few days prior to Christmas. She was unable to use her back legs in any way and she is incontinent, unable to keep her self clean. She was provided medical care including x rays, medications and physical therapy guidelines. She is with Auntie Heather for special care as she recovers. Her back is not broken, she does not seem to be in pain and is able top use her legs more and more each day! She will soon be Dr. Harvey's patient. In the meantime she is on antibiotics, physical therapy, daily cleanings and bladder expressing. She is a darling girl with loads of love to give. She offers the sweetest kisses.

we are hoping that she will continue to heal each day. She no longer needs to be hand fed and is eating Oxbow pellets and hay and drinking water all on her own! Auntie Heather is so proud of her. She is a survivor. Blessings to Kris. Please send her your love. She loves her little soft bear from her friend in Washington.

Kris needs a new artificial sheepskin bed, and financial support to pay for her ongoing vet bills. You can make a cash donation to help with Kris Cringle's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.

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