Lauren - Injured Baby Rabbit
Update: May 9, 2015

This tribute was written by Lauren's foster parents. Lauren succumbed to her injuries on May 6 of 2015.


Lauren’s life was short but beautiful like a Hibiscus flower that only blooms for one day. It has been said that it's not how long we live but how we live it.  How true for our Lauren. Even with her own physical struggles, she was a happy girl and brought love to everybody she met. She made the best of her 5 weeks as one of our Haven's baby bunnies. One thing about Lauren was that she loved to eat. She would surprise us that for such a tiny bunny she would polish off her hay out of her basket and veggies in no time. Even in the end, she insisted on finishing all her kale. She did just that. She also had a play pal with one our gentlest Primrose's Lop babies. Lauren would insisted to be groomed first and as a matter of fact all the time. Bathing her was our ritual twice a day. She wouldn't like it at first but would do binkying afterward because she felt so clean. She could barely walk but that didn't stop Lauren from binkying to thank us. Another thing about Lauren was that she told you when drying time was over after her baths. For such a tiny special baby, she knew she was different but that didn't stop her from being Lauren, the boss.

We are blessed to have known Lauren these past several weeks. She has taught us inner strength and love, no matter our adversities. If we know our Lauren, she's in Rainbow Heaven doing binkies and eating to her heart's content. Our sweet Lauren will live in our hearts and always be remembered. We love you so much, Lauren.

Foster mommy & daddy

Update: May 6, 2015

Lauren passed away on Wednesday May 6th. Her crushing injuries were just too much for her tiny body to bear. We are grieving her loss today.

Lil Laruen came into The Haven March 28 in a box from the shelter. She was in very bad shape so we raced her to the vet. She was urine soaked and her legs could not move. Her intensive care began then. Lauren tried so hard to heal and her little leg was broken and the other leg just hung in the wrong position. Her tail was broken and pushed down underneath her. Her urethra was forced into a position where she could not urinate normally. We started out with a variety of slings and diapering methods, employed every trick we could come up with to assist her with a long term plan of surgical intervention when she was old enough to withstand surgery. We had big plans to help Lauren get to a better weight then we planned to allow surgery to remove the broken tail and lift her urethra into position. She would also have needed a femoral head surgery to repair her broken hip. That was to wait until she recovered. All this was too much for Lil Lauren.

She grew and ate and loved her life. She enjoyed her baths and even tried to binky. She was a happy bunny in spite of her injuries. We were able to keep her pain free and infection free. She was so sweet that she took naps with her foster parents snuggled safe in a blanket. She was secure. Then one day both her back legs did not work. She lost control of her urination completely and even her front legs were very weak. By the next day, she appeared very unhappy, the light went out of her and she was taken to see Dr. Harvey. She was still eating and drinking and loved her snuggles but she was hurting and the pain meds seemed to make little difference. Lauren passed away shortly after seeing Dr. Harvey.

Lil Lauren did not survive her cruel injuries sustained when just a baby. We did everything we could think of to give her a chance to survive. She visited three different doctors, had ortho consults and in the end she could not survive. Her injuries were quite severe: right hip, urethra, both back legs then neurologic damage to the front legs. Her tiny hips also never did grow, so she could not have developed into a normal full sized rabbit. These were impossible issues to resolve. At least she had the chance to grow and develop and she had several weeks of joy in foster care.

Her new prognosis was crushing to all of us involved in her care and to those who knew her. We all deeply miss this little sweetheart. She passed away Wednesday. Thank you to all of her extended family who worked with us to help her, and to all those that donated money towards her care. She loved her life! Loved her foster mom and dad and she even loved the babies that lived near her.

Update: March 30, 2015

Lauren was seen by Dr. Jennifer Koga, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Gatos. Radiographs were taken, and indicate that Lauren has a hip injury, not a broken leg as we first thought. Lauren's femoral head is dislocated, causing pain and lack of mobility in that leg. The dislocation appears to be due to an injury and not a congenital problem. Due to her age and small size, no surgical intervention will be taken at this time. We will make sure she has enough food and care to grow, and once she is large enough to handle a surgical procedure, we will reevaluate her condition and decide on a course of treatment for her hip.

For now, Lauren is being fed KMR three times a day plus whatever alfalfa she wants to eat. She is being given pain medication and her urine soaked areas are being gently cleaned once a day. Our goals right now are to stabilize her and get her to gain some weight, then we can discuss options for her hip with our vets. We are hoping that we can save her leg and allow her greater mobility than she has now.

Lauren's care is likely to be very expensive. We have already spent several hundred dollars on tests and emergency vet care. If you would like to help Lauren, you can donate online using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

March 28, 2015
Lauren Lauren's urine soaked bottom

This baby lionhead was dumped at a shelter and is now on her way to the hospital. Lil Lauren was abandoned at the San Jose shelter today. She is very ill, was seriously dehydrated and starving. She has a bad injury to her back leg and was soaked with urine. This tiny baby is badly injured. The shelter had no veterinarians today and x-rays are needed so Sarah is on her way with her to Adobe in Los Gatos. We will keep you updated on this sweetheart. You can donate for Lil Lauren online using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Call Heather at (831)600-7479 if you can offer cage rest foster when she is out of the hospital. She is a pretty white lion head. Stay tuned for x ray and diagnosis updates.

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