Lawrence - Bunny with a Bladder Hernia and Eye Abscess
Update: December 7, 2015
Lawrence's hernia

Laurie is a plucky little bun who's totally engaged with life despite his physical challenges. Lawrence was found in a field, hardly able to move. He was covered in mats, and had several injuries to his little body. Now after months of treatment and surgery, all of these medical issues have been taken care of. Now he is ready to move from Medical foster to his own home.

Lawrence is still a special needs bunny. He's still quite thin (less than 4 lbs), but LOVES to eat - greens, hay, critical care (shaped into pebbles), pellets. He’s a very good snuggle bun who appreciates gentle back massage to soothe his aches and pains. He still gets stiff and needs Metacam. He gives kisses afterwards to say thank you. Loves to fall asleep in the lap.

Dr. Harvey has been Laurie’s vet since he came into the Rabbit Haven. She thinks that he is an older bunny 6 years + though she said given how he'd been living (found a field in a matted filthy mess). She could not determine his real age. She said his teeth and blood work were really good.

Laurie has been in a wonderful medical foster who took him in for several months while he got strong enough for a neuter and hernia repair under the care of Dr. Harvey. He did very well with the surgery and is so happy now to be relieved of that pain and he can walk so much better now. He received treatment for E. cuniculi and has one cloudy eye, but Dr. Harvey felt it was best to leave it.

Little Laurie needs more room to move or his arthritis will get worse :-( plus he needs to move about freely to continue to move his legs. Heat and love and Metacam help, but he's probably always going to be an unsteady fellow who needs a little extra help grooming and managing his comfort level. (Meds and lots of tenderness)

He's got a lot to living to do and now he needs a compassionate person to open their heart to him. He is darling. Would you like to give him that home? He is a very special loving bun. He'll pay it back with his whole heart.

He's a precious boy with a sparkle in his eye. Dr. Harvey said at his intake exam that he must think he's fallen into heaven. We want him to know that feeling for the rest of his life. Please call if you can help this little bunny, He needs space by December 15. Call us at 831 600-7479 or 831 239-7119

Lawrence's hernia
November 13, 2015

Lawrence was rescued from the San Jose shelter with a severe inguinal hernia, mobility issues, an eye infection and a corneal abscess. He was seen by Dr. Carolynn Harvey, DVM for his evaluation, radiographs and given various tests to determine his treatment plan. He has a bit of a back injury which has caused inflammation in the mid back and resulting immobility issues. Then he also had a bladder hernia and eye issues to deal with which also impacts his ability to walk. He was also very underweight.

We placed him into medical foster care where he received medications, eye drops, antibiotics and pain medications for his back. He was assist fed until he was eating on his own then he took over himself. He is very interested in food now. We needed to wait just a bit to have his surgery done to repair his inguinal hernia. We were waiting for his overall health to improve and to make sure his infection was under control.

Lawrence's hernia

Today, November 13th he went in for further eye evaluation, hernia repair and a neuter surgery. It was determined that an E. cuniculi infection has caused the eye damage and that the eye does not need enucleation. He will have limited limited vision. He had to have the hernia repair as his left testicle was huge due to the bladder hernia. Dr. Harvey was able to complete the hernia repair and neuter without incident. After his surgery Dr. Harvey put him on Panacur to combat the EC infestation manifesting in his eye. Minor procedures were also performed to evaluate the eye.

Lawrence will need to be on antibiotics for a few months but Dr. Harvey thinks that he will be able to move about much more easily now that his huge hernia has been repaired and his eye infection is under control. The hernia was affecting his ability to use the left leg normally and put him off balance. In addition no more could be done with the eye or secondary lump on his shoulder as he had a very long surgery today. He is a strong bunny and Dr. Harvey said that she thinks he may be a good adoption candidate after he heals. He will not regain the use of the eye due to EC. Lawrence’s teeth looked very good according to the good doctor. Thankfully so.

Send get well wishes to Lawrence as he recovers. We will keep you posted as he heals. If you would like to help Lawrence during his recovery please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Thank you in advance for you love and support for Lawrence.

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