Leah has a broken leg and needs our help today
May 16, 2014

Leah-Bitter Tales: Vet visit results for Leah. She has multiple injuries (amputation needed to be postponed).

Leah has been badly injured. No, not an injury from a predator (cats, dogs, raccoons). There are no puncture wounds. The vet said it looked like blows or direct force direct to her left and right legs. The vet told us it appeared that Leah had been knocked around quit a bit. Both right and left sides are fractured.

She noted that Leah is approximately 5-6 months old and has a hip injury on left side and broken tibia on right side that has been broken for about a month or more. The bones on her fractured right leg show rounded edges on x ray showing healing of the bone. Her hip on the other side is also fractured, but it is possible for the hip bone to heal. We will try laser therapy and modified cage rest.

Our predicament is that she cannot have the amputation until we can stabilize her hip on the right side. We need to be sure she will be able to move about without stressing the hip causing the opposite side to break, leaving her completely immobile.

She is underweight but she is eating. She has clearly been badly abused. She is very sad and naturally lacks any trust in humans. She is learning that we will not hurt her. That her plush bunny is her freind that food will always be there and head rubs too. She is on Metacam, a wonderful diet of fresh greens, water and a clean environment with lots of TLC. She is using her cut down litter box and seems to enjoy her greens.

We will watch her, observe her mobility and see what is possible this week. She has limited space and is under observation. For now, we cannot amputate the fractured leg given the injury to the hip on the other side. If love, laser treatments and acupuncture can heal her we will know soon. We will do our very best to care for Leah. Hopefully her broken hip bone will heal. In two weeks if the hip is stable and x rays show it is healed enough to bear weigh, we will go ahead with surgery. No need to rush right now, with all the potential risks considered.

Bitter tales of Leah. Her injuries tell her story. One of abuse, neglect, pain, suffering and then abandonment. Her life will be safe, comfortable, and she will always have our love and support from here on. Thank you for your love and support. We will keep you posted.

May 16, 2014

Another rabbit injured, and then just left at the shelter! Her leg is horribly broken. Leah is so badly inured and will require a leg amputation. Our vet in Santa Cruz is clearing her schedule to taek care of her. We have so many special need bunnies now we need to fundraise for her surgery. So if you want to help her, please donate to our PayPal site or donate by check.

We will keep you posted on her well being and surgery which is set for Monday. Here is her X-ray. We estimate her surgical costs to be in the $600-$800 range. Help us to help Leah!

For more information about Leah, contact Heather at director@therabbithaven.org or 831 600-7479.

Designed by James Farris