Leroy requires major surgery to save his life
Update: August 24, 2012

Good news! Leroy's wound was cultured last week, and it came up as no growth of any sort. The vet says he is healed! Blessings to Dr. Stern who provided all of the extra surgeries needed plus the culture, free to Leroy. All out of love. What great news to share today. Hurray!

Update: July 23, 2012

Sweet Leroy, who recently had a complete back leg amputation took a turn for the worse Wednesday July 18th.

He went in for a suture removal and the veterinarian found that his leg was not healing properly and that it was badly infected. she stopped everything and performed a second emergency surgery on that leg to save his life. Fortunately, the infection had not spread too far so we have a reasonable prognosis. Leroy is a strong bunny with a beautiful spirit and powerful will to live, so this helps him. We had to send in several new cultures to see what medication might possibly work on this little bunny.

Please Send get well wishes and healing energy now. He needs your help, your possitive enrgy adn good wishes. The power of healing energy works! And great medical care of course. Blessing to Dr Hilary Stern who did his second surgery. Leroy has his special angel watching over him. Dr. Stern is also fostering is even fostering Leroy during this recovery period. She is a God send. We will keep you posted on his condition.

Update: July 12, 2012

Leroy went to see Dr. Stern today for a follow up. He is healing very nicely. His poor fur is growing back in patches, but he doesn't seem to mind! He needs to stay on his antibiotics for now. His sutures should be ready to take out next week. Dr. Stern has fallen in love with Leroy and wants to foster him, with a very strong possibility to adopt, so lucky Leroy is going home with Dr Stern.

Update: July 5, 2012

Leroy, rescued from the Santa Cruz shelter, required surgery as he had a severe infection that traveled up his foot, up into his leg and into the hip bone. The infection destroyed his leg bone leaving him in danger due to the horrific infection and the possibility of a leg fracture at any moment.

He had his leg surgery yesterday- Dr Stern and the SC shelter veterinarian developed the plan to amputate his leg to save his life. The x ray showed severe damage to foot, leg and femur head. There was no way to save the leg. Leroy had been on medication in Rabbit Haven care for the past two weeks. We wanted to give him a chance to heal and be well enough for surgery. Then 7-3 Dr. Weiser did the actual surgery at the Santa Cruz surgical surgery unit.

An infection had eaten away much of the bone and the entire leg needed to be removed up to the hip bone. The Dr. also implanted antibiotic beads inside his hip area to promote healing and he will remain on oral antibiotics, pain medications and supportive care for several weeks.

His surgery was lengthy, 1.5 hours. Last night Leroy was chilled and uncomfortable. We were able to warm him with heating pads and insulated his housing and hold him to provide a supportive, healing environment. We also gave him a strong pain medication to ease the pain.

Today Leroy is feeling better. His temperature is in the normal range and he is starting to eat. He is naturally having difficulty with this balance and we are helping to protect him to keep the incision site clean and injury free.

Leroy is such a sweet bunny. Our thanks the Dr. Stern and Dr. Weiser for this surgery that saved Leroy's life. Now we will move on to post op, medical management, surgical follow up, wound care. After he has healed and his sutures are removed, his physical rehabilitation will begin to help him adjust to life with out a back leg. We are researching a special cart to help him function day to day. I will keep everyone posted.

Photos will follow. Thank you everyone for wishing Leroy well! Let him know you care through email or in Face Book. If you have a cart to share please let us know. We need a special cart for him which will be modified to allow him to use the one good leg.

Update: June 19, 2012

Leroy will be having his surgery this week. His special antibiotic beads were ordered by Dr. Stern. Sadly there is no way to save his leg. After his amputation he will receive extensive post operative care followed by physical therapy to help him learn to function without his back leg.

Jocelyn had this surgery and this worked very well for her. It saved her life. She learned in just a few weeks how to ambulate and really improved so much. But her surgery was a mid femur amputation. Leroy will require a full leg amputation. This is a much more involved surgery. Please send your healing wishes to Leroy. Watch for further updates soon.

May 31, 2012

This handsome, affectionate, young, 13 pound bunny boy came into The Haven recently from a shelter. When he came to the shelter, he had a badly infected foot and toes that were inflamed, most likely do to housing on wire and/or predator bites on his feet. One toe had been removed. Then, just when they thought he was healed, his foot began to turn in and they noticed more swelling in his toe and foot. The shelter staff alerted us at The Haven, and he was then rescued to receive further care.

The Rabbit Haven, with the help of Friends of the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, set up his veterinary appointment with Dr. Hilary Stern. This great organization paid for the cost of his first exam, along with an additional $150 needed for veterinary costs. We used these funds to cover part of the testing that was needed. He required x-rays, and after the x-rays, it was clear that a lab culture was needed as well.

The x-ray findings revealed that Leroy's foot, leg and hip were far worse than we expected. It was not just his toes and foot, but in addition his entire leg bone and hip joint was infected and diseased. It was clear that Leroy needed an extensive surgical procedure to fight the infection and save his life.

Even if a large portion of the surgical costs are discounted, expenses will run over $1,000.00 to help save Leroy's life. Leroy will need more medications as well, and plenty of time to heal; and then rehabilitation after that. His lab cultures revealed that the medications he had been given were not effective, and sadly now, a massive bacterial infection has moved up his leg and into his hip joint, destroying the top of the bone.

Leroy will start his new medication tomorrow. The next step for this loving bunny is to help him prepare for surgery and give him needed antibiotics that will prevent the infection from invading any further. We need to order antibiotic beads to implant, and then the surgeon must remove the diseased bone and necrotic tissue.

Sadly, all of this means that Leroy's back leg cannot be salvaged, but Leroy can be saved. He needs to have a complete leg amputation because his hip bone is massively infected along with the actual bone being broken. He is now being treated medically and he will also be scheduled for this major surgery right away.

Please help us to help Leroy have his surgery by contributing to his surgical fund today. Any amount is appreciated. With many contributions we will have enough funds to cover his care. You can donate to Leroy's fund using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Love to you and thank you for reading about Leroy.

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