Lily Needs Abscess Surgery
Update: December 15, 2013

All in all, Lily continues to do well. She's very active in her hutch, runs and plays, loves to dig into her towel, is interested in activity going on around her, and has an excellent appetite. The plan for this morning was to use the banana flavored Baytril for the first time. However, she immediately let us know that she hates it as much as the plain flavored version. So, cranberry juice will be tried next and see if that helps. Then, if she likes cranberry juice the Baytril will be addled to that.

The foster Dad has learned that it's absolutely impossible to flush the abscess cavity using only one person. Luckily, today Dr. Harvey's was available so she went there to have it done. Even with two people holding and another acting as a spotter - good thing, too, as she jumped about 3 feet off the exam table to her foster Dad! - it was pretty difficult for Dr. Harvey to flush her. So, there's a new plan. Starting tomorrow morning, we'll be taking her to Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward to Dr. Harvey practices for daytime boarding. While she's there, the techs will do the flushing and try different approaches to see if they can get it down to only needing one person. They'll also give her her scheduled Combi Pen injection tomorrow, since she's not a happy camper about that, either. Oh so sorry Lili. So that's the latest. Thanks to everyone for your interest and concern about her. Send your love and good healing energy. Thank you to Rich her foster Dad. If you're able to help with her mounting vet bills, please donate using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check.

Update: December 14, 2013

Dr. Harvey discharged Lily this morning. They said she did exceptionally well overnight. Grace Santos, RVT, gave our medical support peron Rich, a lesson on flushing the abscess out through the shunt. He'll be inserting the catheter needle outside of the shunt tube and flushing with sterile saline once or twice daily. He will also to continue the Metacam, Baytril and Combi-Pen medications. Scheduled rechecks are Thursday, December 19 at 4:30 PM and Thursday, December 26 at 4:10 PM.

Lily appears to be acting normally and is very bright and alert. However, she has been grooming/scratching at the shunt area. The shunt is sutured in, but if she's able to pry it out she may need to return to Dr. Harvey Sunday.

Update: December 13, 2013

Dr. Harvey feels optimistic about Lily's recovery. She said that she was pleasantly surprised that there was only one infected tooth was seen on X-ray, which was successfully removed. Lily is up, awake and will stay the night so Dr. Harvey can make sure the shunt is working properly and that Lily is stable then she will go into foster care (medical post op) with sweet Rich. More instructions follow, however so far Lily can blink and use that eye so no need to remove it yet. With the removal of the abscess and now a culture of material we will be able to move ahead with her care and resolve her injury. Lily will be on antibiotics and Rich will take excellent care of her! Thank you Rich. Once again we are completely impressed by the skill and level of medical care that Dr Harvey provides!

We do have a $250 match going for Lily, so now is great time to donate to her care. Lily will require long term medical support to get well. You can donate using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check.

December 5, 2013

Last Thursday night our medical foster expert Rich met Haven volunteers, the Milkey family at Chabot Veterinary Clinic in Hayward, California, which is where Dr. Carolynn Harvey practices. Late that afternoon, Lily had been released by the public shelter where she'd been rescued by The Rabbit Haven so she could be seen as an emergency by Dr. Harvey. Lily's right eye was bulging and bleeding. She was in so much pain.


Dr. Harvey determined that there is an abscess behind Lily's right eye. The source is not known at this point. Dr. Harvey created a small incision aft of the eye, and after numbing the area with Lidocaine, she was able to extract a lot of pus. The bulging eye improved about 80%, and Lily could then blink - it's very important to keep the eye lubricated. Lily was sent to medical foster with me, and has been on a regiment of injectable Combi-Pen, oral Baytril, Metacam, and manual extraction of the pus, since then.


For today, Lily will spend the day with Dr. Harvey at Chabot. The plan is to take X-rays under anesthesia of the area to determine the size and scope of the mass. Then a decision will be made about what to do. It's possible Dr. Harvey may create a small surgical shunt as a passageway so the abscess can keep being drained. She may also do other surgery depending on what she finds, possibly including extraction of tooth roots and teeth, or enucleation (removal) of that eye. It will include the removal of as much of the abscess as possible depending on what X-rays show. Because of the area involved, there is higher-than-normal risk, and Lily's prognosis at this point is guarded. We are sure she'd appreciate your vibes, thoughts and prayers.

Depending on how things go, Dr. Harvey will either discharge Lily tomorrow evening, or may keep her overnight. We'll post an update tomorrow. If you'd like to help with the cost of Lily's surgery, please donate using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check.

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