Lulabelle's Story
Update: October 1, 2013

Lulabelle still has some wheezing when she breathes, so she will see Dr. Carolynn Harvey for a second opinion and a re-evaluation of her respiratory condition. We are hoping to find out if there is anything more we can do for her wheezing, and what may have caused the original infection.

Update: June 21, 2013

Sweet and tiny Lulabelle, rescued from the San Jose shelter June 6 is now on her third round of antibiotics to help her heal. The doctor is hopeful that she can stop taking it her medications the end of the month. She no longer needs to be nebulized and has no trouble breathing. Her runny nose and sneezing is gone, however, she still has some congestion. Her veterinarian, Dr. Nakamura of Adobe Hospital in Los Altos, said she might have some wheezing for the rest of her life. She had her breathing issue so long that her lungs may have been permanently injured. Other than that, she's a very happy, lovable & adorable little girl. She is still too small for them to take a blood sample. At the end of the month in July she will go back and if she has gained a bit of weight and is healthier, she can have blood work. For now Lulabelle is in loving foster support in Sunnyvale.

We think that she may be ready for her adoptive home in August or September when she is stable. She cannot do anything about what has already been done to her. She will heal enough to be able to enjoy her very own permanent loving home soon. Lulabelle will always be a delicate tiny girl perfect for a special loving family who can devote lots of attention to her. As long as she stays in a clean environment, and receives the proper exercise, food and care she will be fine. We will know more the end of July.

June 6, 2013

Rescued June 6, 2013 from the San Jose shelter, Lulabelle could barely breathe. The Haven took her in as an emergency rescue. This photo was taken after we worked with her to clear her nasal areas to some degree. Lulabelle has a severe respiratory condition and a terrible infection. She is about 4 weeks old and requires critical care and KMR and round the clock care to help her nasal passages remain clear to save her. She was found "stray" in San Jose. This loving girl is desperately ill and needs intensive vet care immediately including nebulizing therapy. She has already been started on respiratory therapy and antibiotics. She sees her vet again tomorrow. Help us heal Lulabelle. Please contribute to her care using Rabbit Haven's PayPal account, or donate by check.

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