Tiny Orphaned Baby Lulu
Update: October 15, 2014

Li Lu (formerly Lulu) is now completely well. She graduated from her medical support foster home to an infant/adolescent care foster home on Sunday Oct 12th. Li Lu is eating pellets, fresh alfalfa hay and some greens. She is a beautiful gold and white dwarf bunny, happy to be held and to be with her humans. She is quite a success story. With proper nutrition and support she has healed and grown into a beautiful little girl. Her lovely fur is impeccably clean and her appetite is appropriate for her age and weight. Li Lu is quite social and outgoing. She is gentle, loving and appreciates holding and snuggle time.

Update: October 1, 2014

Lulu is still so tiny. She has difficulty eating and every day is a struggle for her. She will be seeing the vet next week for x-rays and other diagnostics. We are so hopeful that we can help remedy her problems and help her to be well and happy. She is a loving little girl.

September 19, 2014

Lulu was found out in the street when she was barely 2 weeks old. She wandered into a person's yard and at first they did not even know what she was. She was so thin, frail and ill. Her fur was wet and matted. She was so tiny she easily fit into the palm of their hand. She was so cold and when she arrived at the Haven her temperature was 97 degrees - very low for a rabbit.

At first it was so hard for her to drink but she slowly began to drink formula. Lulu is still not able to eat pelleted food yet but loves her KMR. She has begun to eat alfalfa hay. She has very slowly gained a few ounces. She is a tiny baby.

Get well wishes to little baby Lulu. She is trying so hard to get well. Finally she is moving about more freely but she still has GI issues that have all of us worried. Her vet expenses will be around $500 over the next three months. Your support will be deeply appreciated.

Just think, you can be a part of saving her life. She only wants to grown up, snuggle and play. Let's help her do that. You can help with Lulu's expenses by using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donating by check. She is a sweetheart. She is trying so hard to survive.

Designed by James Farris