Magic - A Special Needs Bunny With a Badly Infected Leg
Update: January 26, 2015

Our big beautiful girl Magic succumbed to a systemic infection, and crossed over the rainbow bridge last week. Our vets and her foster Mom tried very hard to save her, but the infection was just too strong. We at The Haven mourn her loss.

Magic came into the Haven from one of our high impact shelters. She had been quite abused and had serious reactive aggression issues. She went into the care of one of our long term foster sites with Rick. After months of TLC and supportive care and direct behavioral assistance, she began to learn to trust. Then she came to love and appreciate her foster family and several other bunnies in the foster site. She did have a few illness issues which kept her in foster care.

Sadly, in late November, Magic developed a terrible infection in her foot and leg. Even after two surgeries and extensive medical care, she was unable to heal. Her infection flared up several times. Even with the most comprehensive medication regime, surgeries and veterinary care.

Magic passed away after suffering renal failure during her stay at the Emergency hospital in Santa Cruz. She is deeply missed by her foster Dad Rick, her medical caregiver, Diana, and all of us at the Rabbit Haven. Diana and Heather were able to spend her last night with her to offer her love and support plus nice veggies from Diana’s garden. She seemed to rally and began to eat. Then, within hours after her transport to the ER hospital her systems began to shut down rather quickly. She passed away peacefully.

Thank you to everyone who donated to her surgical fund. We are so sorry she did not make it through this time. Love to everyone and thank you for your loving support of Magic.

January 9, 2015
Magic with Dr. Hawklyn

Magic came into our system needing urgent care. She had been attacked by another rabbit. The bites on her ankle and foot were considerably infected. She had a bad abscess on her back leg, ankle and hock and she was barely able to use her leg. Most of the time she just tried to hold it up. Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM evaluated Magic and after a few weeks of antibiotics and cleaning care, with no improvement, surgery was performed to clear the leg of infection. Initial surgery was done by Dr. Stern of Animal Hospital of Soquel. After that surgery we thought the wounds had healed very well yet two weeks later the infection flared up again.

Magic was raced in to see Dr. Sarah Hawklyn, DVM at Aptos-Creekside Pet Hospital. She needed surgery that day to relieve all the pressure from the new abscesses. Her wounds were cleaned and drains were inserted so the injury site could be flushed daily and appropriate follow up treatment could be done. Magic is being a good girl, eating and drinking fine, but her leg is still hurting. She is taking both antibiotics and Metacam for her pain. Next step is to continue flushing, giving medications and later this week, she may be able to have Gentamicin beads sewn into the injury site to help the healing process. Magic is doing very well and Dr. Hawklyn is pleased with her progress, but the wound is still not healed. The joint which had been hard is now softened. We are doing everything in our power to help Magic save her leg. Sometimes when infections are this bad amputation is recommended. In Magic’s case her other back leg is really not that strong so an amputation is being avoided if at all possible. Magic seems a bit worried, but she trusts and seems to love her foster mum.

Please send your good wishes to sweet Magic. She is doing her very best to heal in the loving care of Dianna, her foster mom. If you would like to help Magic heal please donate to Magic’s fund using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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