Matia's Story
December 6, 2007
Matia's head when she came to The Haven
Matia's back when she came to The Haven
Matia - Injured shelter bunny rescued now improved

This beautiful little bunny was rescued from a local shelter off death row. She had a severe case of fur mites that had eaten away her skin. Most of her fur on her face and back had been eaten away. After a few days of care for her fur problems at our medical site, Matia developed a severe hemorrhage and almost died. We did not know what was wrong with her, was it an internal injury or perhaps cancer? We did not know, but we knew she needed immediate care. We raced her into emergency surgery to save her life. The surgery was successful, and she made it.

Matia had lost a great deal of blood and was anemic. She underwent surgery to stop the hemorrhaging. Afterwards she also received medications, and an oral iron and vitamin replacement medication to reverse her anemic state and weakened condition. The surgeon was concerned about the condition in which she found Matia's uterus, so she ordered a biopsy to rule out cancer. Trauma may also have casued the hemorrhage. We where all relieved when the biopsy results came back negative for cancer. It is sad to think about what kind of injury could have happened and caused such damage to this tiny little girl.

Matia after her surgery

After her initial hospitalization, Matia went into our medical care site. Matia was pampered during her recovery, feasting on Kale, dandelion and other tasty and tender greens. She was given Metacam for pain to keep her a happy bunny. After Matia had completely recovered from surgery, we continued down the road to rid her of the mites. Now that too has passed, and she seems perfect in every way.

Matia is now fully recovered from her surgery, and the mites are gone. She is now ready to move into regular foster care. Now we need to let all of you know about Matia - to see if you can help her get ready for a new loving home. We have had so many emergencies we have not even had time to let you know what was going on. Would you like to help us cover some of Matia's really steep medical costs? She's worth it! We need to raise $500. Lovely Matia will thank you. You can make a cash donation to help with Matia's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.


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