Mei Lei Selah - A Bunny with Terrible Ear Injuries
Update: May 7, 2012

Mei Lei Selah was adopted into her forever home to be a companion for another bunny. Her injuries are all healed, the bad experiences at the breeder site are behind her, and she has a loving home of her own now.

Update: February 24, 2011

Unfortunaltey, it looks like one ear is closing off. She will need another vet visit and may need surgery on one ear. So if you can help Sweet Mei Lei Selah please send your donations by check or via our PayPal account. Please indicate that your donation is for Mei Lei. Our vet bill just this month is over $1,500! Mei's care could be very costly - Mei will also need vet care and support for coccidia as will her kits, and all four will have to be spayed/neutered by The Haven as well. As always we will do everything in our power to help her heal. Help us to help her and to keep her and the three babies safe.

In the meantime, meet Mei Lei's babies!

Update: February 23, 2011

We spent the first night with Mei Lei helping her to adjust to her new surroundings and offering her loving support. She was traumatized and confused and she needed our help to feel at home and safe. We held her when she seemed frightened or anxious- I kissed her little head being so careful not to touch her sensitive ears. We made her room soft and warm. Slowly she began to trust us somewhat.

We hand fed her critical care to get her going and helped to clean her up a bit. Her tiny feet were blackened from the horrible conditions that she came from. More than anything we wanted her to feel safe and to start eating. After she settled in a bit I gave her a slow introduction to her new home and lots of affection. Then I offered her fresh greens. At first she did not seem to know what veggies were but when I chopped up some lettuces and hand fed her she began to munch. Now she is eating every lovely dandelion or lettuce leaf I put on her plate. Thanks to Leslie the Santa Cruz shelter advocate, for the veggie run.

One thing we quickly learned is that this bunny loves hay, hay of all kinds - orchard grass, alfalfa and timothy. She pulled most of the hay from her rack into her large litter box and pushed it into a soft bed and there she finally fell fast asleep. She must have been exhausted. She is such a delicate charming bunny.

Later on when helpers left I watched over her to make sure she was ok. I felt so grateful that she was resting after her long ordeal. I noticed she woke up often and would look around and then check her nest box. She was nervous. Her nest box was from the shelter where she had her three kits. It had a full lining of soft orchard grass hay and she had added her own fur to the mix to make such a sweet nest for her little ones. Naturally we left her nest as it was.

At first she would wake up, take a quick look over at the nest and then she would pop inside with them for a few minutes. She seemed concerned, but later that night I noticed that after several visits she had added a new lovely layer of her own white fur to tuck them in. Their nest box was finally to her liking and she fell asleep again with her little head resting up against the nest box. What a precious sight.

I was worried about Mei Lei's condition and I was not going to be able to take her out to a vet. However, I know that rabbits can hide illness and with her ear injuries, lack of appetite and knowing what dirty living space she had been in I called our Vet. I needed to know if those ears were infected inside or out and to look for any other signs of disease. I was also concerned that one ear may have been injured inside and may be closing off. So, later on that evening Dr. Hilary Stern made a house call! Dr. Stern examined her and said she thought her ear injuries were about 1 to 2 weeks old and that they were healing pretty well. She was pleased with her overall condition and let us know we needed to watch for signs of infection, to keep her eating and hydrated but warned of using antibiotics given she was a new mother. The first priority was to get her stable. Fortunately Mei Lei had begun to drink - That was a good beginning. Dr. Stern and I discussed her symptoms and made a plan to keep her well. Awesome Dr. Stern!

Later that night when the other bunnies played I noticed she was watching - just peeking out at them. Since she was awake and seemed interested, I picked her up and held her in my arms in the rocking chair near the playroom. She no longer whimpered and was relaxed. She just sat there quietly looking at the little bunnies running in the play room then she would look up at me. This bunny girl is a knowing bunny, a loving girl, and has such a gentle spirit.

I am overjoyed with happiness seeing her contentment. I kiss her little head and tell her all about the fun adventures she will have when she is well. I said "Pretty soon Mei Lei Selah, most beautiful girl, you will be well like those little bunnies."

February 22, 2011

We received a call late in the afternoon Friday from a concerned shelter advocate regarding a bunny who had arrived at the shelter missing both her ears. The rabbit had been confiscated from a hideous local backyard breeder. We quickly discussed the rabbit's needs and worked to obtain immediate care for her comfort and security. The shelter helped to provide that.

This adorable bunny is a tiny dwarf female, about 1.5 pounds. Her ears are completely missing. On ear has approximately 1/16 of one inch above her head directly on top of her head. The other ear appears to have been cut straight across at the head.

At first she was just terrified and cowered at the sight of people. When touched she whimpered. She was VERY scared and head shy. When she arrived at the shelter workers were very concerned that she was too frightened and since she would not eat they were worried about her survival. She would not move form the back wall of her cage. They helped her feel more secure and we agreed to take in this injured girl when the shelter opened the next morning.

Then following morning at the local shelter she surprised everyone by giving birth to three tiny kits! Naturally we were called right away! She was then brought directly to our main site. She was weak and dirty from her 'breeder' living conditions. But she quickly warmed up with love and affection. She calmed down with gentle petting and explored her new room. She finally relaxed and settled in.

She is such a sweet mother. She was in and out of her nest box several times during the first day. So dear Mei Lei Selah is with The Rabbit Haven and her three kits are also safe and loved. The rabbit has many special needs due to her ear injuries. She now lives in a calm, quiet environment with lots of tenderness. Her kits are doing very well today. The vet plans to make a house call tonight.

Please send your love and healing wishes to Mei Lei Selah and her three tiny ones. Watch for updates.

Designed by James Farris