Starved and Abused Rabbit, Mina
Update: January 5, 2015

Mina weighed 1 pound 8 ounces when she arrived. She was almost starved to death. Now she is a perfectly healthy weight and is set to be spayed in January. Soon she will even be available for adoption. Mina thanks you for your support! What a sweet and super cute bunny she is! Watch for her new photo soon. Her fur grew in much softer and fluffier. She is very happy having wonderful affection and great food/housing and attention.

Update: November 13, 2014
Mina after gaining some weight

Mina was saved almost a month ago. When she arrived she weighed 1 pound 8 ounces, she was almost starved to death. One month later she has put on much needed body weight and her fur is no longer brittle. Her fur is growing back, healthy with a nice healthy feel and shine. She has gained weight and is much stronger both emotionally and physically. She is happy having unlimited hay and her twice daily mixture of three greens. She is happy with her willow tent and other toys.

Mina says "One month ago I was starving. I had no food or water. Happily I was rescued by the Rabbit Haven. I weighed just a pound and a half with no food or water. Since I came to my nice foster home I have been given all I need and more! Today I am nearly 2 and a half pounds. My fur has changed too. It is so beautiful now. My fur is soft and shiny. I have unlimited hay and a mixture of three greens twice a day. I have my own willow tent and other toys. I am so happy!"

October 22, 2014
Mina at the shelter

A tiny dwarf lion head, we named Mina, arrived at the shelter, the result of an owner confiscation/surrender on October 18, 2014. A good Samaritan reported that the rabbit was being starved and filed a complaint with the local animal care and control department. Animal control officers went out to the residence and found Mina without any food or water and extremely malnourished in extremely adverse conditions. The owner voluntarily gave her to the officers. She said she did not care for her.

One look into the eyes of this defenseless little bunny and you can see how much suffering she has endured. Her first photo taken by one of our shelter advocates clearly showed us she needed rescue immediately. She was skin and bones. A 2/9 Body Condition Score rating was reported by the intake vet at the shelter, which indicates Mina was severely underweight. She was so frail. You could easily feel every bone in her body through her skin. She was near death.

Mina’s situation was brought to our attention and we got her out of shelter into medical support right away. Mina will require months of slow, and increasing feeding, care and medical support to build back her weight, physical condition, muscle development and overall health systems. It is not easy to bring a rabbit back from starvation and she may have long term issues. None the less we are determined to give her every chance to heal and have a wonderful life.

She is loving and affectionate and loves being held. Regardless of her extreme lack of care, she is showing many sign of improvement at the medical foster site. She is gaining weight, able to move about somewhat, and loves to be held. She listens to all the sounds around her and is slowly beginning to understand that she is truly safe. She knows now that food will always be there for her and that a kind person will give her pets and love often. She has a soft sweet little room to help her get well and a small play area where she can exercise with careful supervision. She is improving. She weighed approximately 1.5 pounds on arrival, and she has managed to gain 2 ounces already! She is eating some hays, greens and is becoming more active.

Mina in her foster home

Here is Mina after her arrival at our medical support site. She was still stunned and frightened, but her life has just begun to improve. This was her first room in Haven care. She was very still and did not move from her litter box until she was gently lifted up to be held. Then she seemed to relax. She was transferred yesterday into a fleece lined room with a few toys and lot so food and hay. She is eating non stop. We hope to bring her into a normal weight range and help strengthen her musculature with light exercise as she progressing in her treatment.

Please send your love and support to this precious little one as she gets well. She needs all of us to get well. We want to show her that we love her and to help her have a wonderful life from here on out. She will never again see abuse and neglect. Now she can look forward to love, kindness, a wonderful loving home and she can finally have a life that she can enjoy.

Her rehabilitation will take approximately 2 months – We are hopeful that she has not suffered any permanent damage due to the starvation and will be monitoring her carefully. You may donate to support Mina at using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donating by check. Let’s show her that we care. Help us give her the best food and care so that she can recover from the terrible neglect she has suffered.

Designed by James Farris