Rabbit With Severe Chemical Burns Rescued - Mitchell
Update: April 29, 2014
Mitchell at home Mitchell at home

Mitchell has been adopted! His new forever family came to the Bay Area to pick him up, then took him on a long car ride to his new home. These photos show him on the first day there. See how happy he looks! Congratulations Mitchell!

February 26, 2014

Nothing is as heartbreaking as seeing injuries like this inflicted on an innocent rabbit. To look into his face and try to understand what he has been though is extremely difficult. All we can do now is support his medical needs and love him, and allow him to heal.

Mitchell's injuries

When Mitchell arrived at the shelter the staff were perplexed by his injuries. Mitchell had a significant loss of skin and fur on his hind quarters and huge areas above his tail where skin was simply gone and the tissue was healing as best it could. His skin was healing together in large black masses and still others where the fur was gone and burned skin remained with a leathery peel rising off of him. Sadly the injuries were too profound for the shelter where he arrived, and he was placed on the euthanasia list. Rabbit Haven advocates noted his situation, reported it to us and he was rescued. We then took him directly to our veterinary specialists to find out what we could do to help him. At this point we were not certain how exactly these injuries occurred.

We soon learned that Mitchell had significant chemical burns to his hindquarters and sides. Although the chemical residue was no longer present, the burn pattern and tissue injury was consistent with a chemical burn of some kind. Sadly the fur most likely cannot grow back in these areas given the depth of the burn and the sustained damage. When you think about that a minute, it can take your breath away.

Mitchell with Dr. Nakamura

The good news is that Mitchell in now under the careful watch of a caring, medical foster site and Dr. Curt Nakamura DVM of Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos, California. He is being treated for shock, traumatic burns and infection from the wounds. We did not get him in until week post burn, so we have a lot of work to do to return him to a state of good physical and emotional health. According to his vet, the damaged skin has healed fairly well and no abscesses have formed so far. He started Mitchell on a medical care regime to help him heal. He needs to be kept very clean and the temperature in his area controlled. He will see the vet on a regular basis and hopefully will not require surgery. The burns also have affected the area around his eyes leaving them inflamed. We will take him in to see an ophthalmologist if his eyes continue to be irritated. There appears to be no internal injury to either eye. We are hopeful that no permanent damage has occurred to his eyes or to the surrounding skin. He is a delicate white blue eyed Rex!

Mitchell's injuries
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In Mitchell's healing process his skin has stretched fairly well so he can freely move at this time. Later, he may benefit from a bit of physical therapy if his back legs cannot flex as need be when the tissue heals. You see in a chemical burn the skin is removed as the substance moves through the fur and settles on the skin going right through tissue. What is left is a leathery substance that peels off. This is the case with Mitchell.

Right now, besides love and medical support we are asking everyone to send healing thoughts to this boy. If you would like to help support him through his medical care you can donate using the Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Let us know it is for Mitchell. We have a $300.00 match going now too from the PetFinder Foundation so we can make the money go twice as far.

Get well cards can be sent by email director@therabbithaven.org or to PO box 66594 Scotts Valley Ca 95067. I will send them to his foster family and post excerpts on the web and FB. Show him that you care. Rabbits like Mitchell need all the love and support they can get to fully heal. It is a miracle that he survived this assault. We are looking into where the rabbit was found to see if we can find out more about how this occurred. People involved in animal cruelty like this, need to be found and their action addressed.

Wish Mitchell well and check in on his progress. Let help this little one have the happiest life. He deserves this, especially after this trauma. If you would like to consider adopting Mitchell, let us know as in a few months we will have healed all that we can. Then, after he has healed his skin and no longer has an infection risk, he can be neutered. Then he will be looking for a very special home.

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