Pasha - Baby Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic Netting
Update: October 1, 2014

Pasha is returning to the vet to continue his treatment for his extensive back abscess. All of the antibiotics he is on help hold back significant abscess formation and related infections, however he has three small areas of concern we must have examined and treated.

Update: September 11, 2014

Pasha went in for surgery last week and continues to improve daily. When we picked him up at the end of the day we were horrified to see the long incision and that he clearly had to have a much more difficult surgery than was anticipated. But he needed the surgery to clear the injured area on his back. Poor bunny.

Pasha has grown up to be such a loving bunny and he is over 5 pounds now. He will remain on antibiotics for the foreseeable future. He is completely adorable and affectionate, so even though he had this terrible injury he will be A ok with love, kindness and careful watching for any reoccurrence. In the meanwhile he is loved and kissed very day and now has physical therapy to help him regain full us of his muscles.

Great news: Pasha did his first binky! On September 9th while playing in his pen, Pasha did his very first binky! His back has healed enough now so that the skin no longer hurts him when he moves. He jumped up in the air as if he had springs on his feet (it surprised him), then he proceeded to romp around a bit for good measure. He is happy. He is definitely healing now.

Update: August 1, 2014

Pasha is one of the most endearing bunnies we have known and he is making a remarkable recovery. He is so patient with his wound care and medications. He still has to have daily wound cleaning and bandaging of three small areas left from his surgery. He has grown and is 3.5 pounds now. Pasha loves to be held and is the first bunny insisting on attention in the morning and the last bunny in his foster Mom's arms every night. He'd rather have a snuggle than greens.

He is living in an expanded x-pen now which will be helpful as he continues his physical therapy to help him learn to use his muscles more freely. Given the extent of his deep wounds, he lost a good deal of tissue and skin. Most of the skin on his back has healed from his surgeries, however it is still very tight. His fur is still growing back in too. Pasha is learning more about hopping and toys. He moves very carefully. He has had toys all along, but this is his first week off heavy pain meds so now he can appreciate them and hopefully they will inspire him to move around more freely. We want to see him truly happy, playful and active. All this was taken from him when he was a baby and so injured. Life is looking up for Pasha now. He will see his veterinarian this week for a wound check and overall exam. We will keep you posted on Pasha's recovery.

Update: July 8, 2014

Pasha is such a good boy. He was so patient with me as I gently placed him into his special carrier. He was worried. I put in his plush bunny friend Kyomi gave him and that seemed to help a bit.

Pasha had to go to the vet again today for another wound management procedure. Today his drains were removed and staples too. He is healing, but very slowly. He had an additional procedure to remove all the debris from his wounds and they cleaned up the surgical incision sites too. He left with plenty of pain medication, wound management supply, and antibiotics Pen G and Baytril.

He was so tired and chilled at the end of the day, grinding his teeth too. He was there two hours. However, now he has warmed up and is munching away on fresh greens. I hope he will forget all about this harrowing day and just continue to heal.

Pasha has a determined spirit and he is really doing his best to recovery. We will do all in our power to help him get through. He will see his doctor in one week or sooner as needed. His I still very awkward to move much mush I think this will improve now that he has begun to heal. The abscesses that had to be removed, were quite extensive.

Keep sending your letters of encouragement. Pasha responds to all his mail!

Love, Auntie Heather

Update: July 4, 2014

Little Pasha is doing his best to heal. He is on strong pain medications, as well as Baytril & Penicillin G for infection control. He has horrific injuries for such a tiny bunny. Even with twice a day flushing and antibiotics, his infection is improving but still active. He went to see Dr. Stern Monday for a third procedure to remove debris from his wounds, get his culture results and check the healing of the wounds on his neck.

His culture results are troubling as he is growing bacteria that will impact his healing process and requires longer term medications and support. We are determined that he will have the best day every day that he can have. We watch him constantly, change his bandages if he is uncomfortable, manage his meds and do his flushing and wrapping. He is just so good about it all. Happily, his neck injuries are almost completely healed as well as the deep injury under his leg caused by the net collar that had been placed on him.

We can hardly wait to see him happy and playing instead of hurting. The doctor has given him a very guarded prognosis. It is so cruel that he has had all this suffering at such a young age. He is the sweetest bunny. Today after his procedure he was kissing his foster mom's hand. He is such a loving bunny. Even through all his pain, he is affectionate.

Update: June 27, 2014

Pasha, our little baby boy, needed to go back in to see Dr Stern for emergency surgery Wednesday June 25.. His abscess had spread and several areas of skin on his back and side become necrotic and had to be removed.

His surgery lasted hours. The doctor was able to remove all dead tissue, close the major wounds and insert drains to help in flushing of the damaged areas. She let us know that his prognosis is guarded but he has a strong will to live. The evening after the surgery he began to eat veggies and returned to normal. He likes his pain meds. They work!


Pasha requires daily wound cleaning, wrapping and multiple medications. He uses at least one roll of gauze bandages and pet wrap daily. This wound must be covered. We sent in a culture to determine the type of bacteria that is in his wounds. We will have that information next week. He will go back in to see the doctor on Monday of next week. He remains under close supervision by Auntie Heather and she moved his entire room so he can be observed in both the office and in the bedroom at night. That way, she can hear if he is uncomfortable and can adjust his bandages or give him more meds if he is hurting. He cries when he is hurting. His body temp must also be maintained, as he tends to get cold while fighting off this awful infection.

He is eating, drinking, and using his litter box! Other good news: Pasha's neck and leg injuries from the net collar have healed! That is such good news. At least that is going well for him. In addition, since his front leg injury has healed, he can use his leg well. He is trying so hard to make it. He definitely has a strong will to live.


Send get well wishes to Pasha as he goes though the second surgical phase. Hopefully his journey will be swift on his road to health. We need more supplies for his care: We need more soft pet pads of soft padding and cotton (he uses 2-3 a day) 2-3 feet by 2. He needs to have his bed changed 2-3 times a day. If anyone has a small infant changing table, he needs that to help with his twice daily treatments. A small adjustable surgical table would work well too.

Pasha is a sweet bunny that has experienced so much pain and harm in his short lifetime. We are determined to get him well so he will know joy and the love of his very own family. To help you may donate to Pasha's fund via our PayPal site or by check.. Cost of his care is now estimated to be $800 to 1,500.00 including our medications.

Update: June 24, 2014

It took a lot of work to remove the plastic that was binding Pasha's neck and leg. In this video you can see what he looked like when he first came to The Haven and how the plastic was removed. Please consider providing financial support for Pasha. He will require a minimum of $800 in medical care to help him heal his wounds. You can donate to Pasha via our PayPal site or by check.

June 23, 2014

Parker, now Pasha, was rescued from a local shelter by shelter advocate Sarah and brought into Santa Cruz for evaluation. He made it in just in time as we found a plastic netting collar literally strangling him and additional injuries.

We expected to evaluate him, find bite wounds, shave a few areas and send him in to medical support with vet care. What we discovered was much worse and shocking. We discovered a plastic netting collar that has been tied on both sides of his neck to secure it. It was so tight that the plastic collar had grown into Pasha's neck skin and was preventing him from being able breathe or eat properly. In addition the collar had slipped under one leg (probably when he tired to get it off) and the netting (like fishing line) was preventing him from using the leg. There was a large gash under his leg due to the cutting edge of the plastic. He had to have been in great pain and it is a wonder he survived.


Given the urgent need to remove the plastic we removed it on the spot. The photos attached show part of this process. Note: this was an emergency situation. He could not breathe properly and the obstruction had to come off. There was no vet available. We are so grateful that he came in or he simply would have died. The removal of the plastic collar took hours and when the final piece was freed from his throat area his color improved immediately and he became much more alert. When we placed him in his play area on the floor to rest, he was able to use the front leg as well.


In addition to the plastic netting collar and those related injuries he suffered horrific bite wounds on his side and back. There was one large section and an abscess that needed surgery. He was booked to see Dr. Hilary Stern DVM the very next morning. He will need to return for a second surgery this week. The infection on his side was profound and his wounds around his neck and front leg were very deep. The little baby is precious and needs so much love, yet he still whimpers when he is picked up. The vet has him on several medications and he will need a second surgery to correct the large three inch diameter abscess on his side. We are hopeful that his leg will heal with medication and slow rehabilitation.

Thank you to all of the staff who helped to keep Pasha calm and helped gather the supplies Heather needed to remove the plastic. Raymond did a great job of taking photos of this and he also created a video of the process. Everyone maintained great composure and focus to help little Pasha.

The baby is in pain, so he receives pain medication, and of course antibiotics. His injuries are complicated and significant. He requires daily care and wound treatment. He is on Pen G and TMS. Cultures were taken -results not yet in. His abscess site on the side is the worst injury he has. Now that the wire imbedded in his neck has been removed, he can breathe normally eat and move freely. He is doing all this with great caution.


Thank you to Sarah, Raymond, James, and Al for helping on Sunday. We had no choice but to remove the plastic wrapped tight around his neck and under his right leg. One can only imagine the pain he suffered all these weeks with this plastic net collar growing into his neck.

Pasha is in poor condition overall, yet seems to be improving. He is a baby and has suffered such neglect and abuse in his short life. It is so hard to give him the love he wants without causing him pain, so I try to do as much petting as I can while he is on med table. He is always close by me so I can watch over him. Pasha, is a very good boy. A sweet and gentle bunny. He is eating, drinking, and using his litter box! He loves fresh romaine and parsley. Wish him well as he heals. If you would like to help Pasha recover he will need a palace bed, fleece blankets, medications, surgery and medical follow up care. He needs a baby play pen and To help you may donate to Pasha's fund via our PayPal site or by check. Cost of his care is estimated to be $600.00-$700.00 including our medications. If only one more surgery is needed. We are hopeful that the front leg will be able to be saved. If you are interested in adopting this darling bunny when he is well, contact us - he will want a home full of love.


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