Phillip - Badly Bitten Rabbit
Update: July 6, 2015

Phillip is improving and doing great! After weeks of medical support his wounds are slowly healing. He will see the vet again in July and she will check to see if he has healed and if so, he can be neutered. Thank you to everyone who wrote in to inquire about Phillip. Your contributions truly helped him make it through. If all goes well in his exam, Phillip may be ready to find his very own home soon. He is such a sweet bunny.

May 7, 2015

Phillip, a lovely and sweet bunny was removed from a hoarding situation and the shelter placed him on the euthanasia list. Phillip has been rescued by the Rabbit Haven and will need loads of care before he is well enough to even be neutered. There are over 50 rabbits at the same site. We fear many will be just like this boy. We are working with a local person in the Hollister area to assist this man to get the rabbits separated, fed and provided with greens. The local rescue took in a mom and a litter today. Poor tiny babies. And Phillip went to us. We took two additional females out yesterday as well who went to our rescue partner in Milpitas.

Phillip is in surgery today. Sadly he is covered with bites and must be mostly shaven to be able to clean the wounds and restore his health. Both his eyelids also have bites. This bunny really has been hurt and now needs our love, support and lots of medical care. He is currently in the care of Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM at the Animal Hospital of Soquel.

If you want to help Phillip get well you may donate using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. If you want to foster him please let us know. The Haven is brimming full, we really had no space for him but he just had to have medical care and the shelter advocate could not leave him to die this way! His other rescue fell through given the urgency of the mom and her litter. He is inside the Haven now! Help us to help Phillip please.

Phillip's bite wounds Phillip's injured eyelid

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