Rox has a Broken Leg and a Broken Heart
Update: March 28, 2013

Rox is doing very well. He has full use of his hind leg now. He is an energetic, loving bunny. He is still being watched carefully. Look at his photos to see his normal leg position. Rox is now eating and drinking normally and will be ready to move out of medical foster care soon. He may have one more appointment with Dr. Harvey on April 5, and additional exams as needed. What a miraculous recovery for such a darling rabbit. We will post photos of Rox when Dr. Harvey clears him for adoption. Love to everyone who has supported Rox on his path to recovery. You are all a part of his successful healing.

Update: March 21, 2013

Lucky days for Rox, his leg fracture has mended! He is happy, healthy and ready for his new home! He will be available for adoption by the end of March. What a charmed life, his pot of gold will be found in loving family he can call his very own. Watch for him soon on our adoption showcase! Simply the most amazing recovery we have ever seen! Thank you everyone involved in his care, and everyone who donated to help Rox.

Update: March 5, 2013

Dear fans of Rox

I just got the news I wanted to hear form Rox's vet, Dr Carolynn Harvey.

I Love this!!!!!! Rox, THE BUNNY who fell two stories and had such a horrific shattered leg, is mending with strict cage rest and pain meds. Rox, the bunny the initial vet said needed to be euthanized, is getting well. In fact, Rox may not need an amputation at all if the healing continues. He will be well, whole and one happy boy.

The doctor took several x rays, Tested and rechecked - It is all very good news. Dr Harvey is optimist that he is mending the shattered leg bone. She said it was a most unusual mending, but effective and his leg is healing in a relatively good position. He is such an amazing bunny. His doctor (who is also amazing) was thrilled to call me to let me know tonight. I could hear her happiness in her voice -She made the right decision- His surgical option was far too much for him as so much would have needed to be removed. He was even able to be neutered today! Really.

I am so grateful. Thank you everyone for your energy, good wishes and support!

Rox went from a death sentence and great pain to a joyful, healing, happy boy ! He has so many fans. He seems to have no issues at all - just being happy eating and getting pets is what he lives for . Ah life....He is such a young bunny

In three months he will be avail for adoption (if all goes well). Dr Harvey said in one week he can even have limited exercise. I am a little concerned about that - knowing him he might binky -so is she. I will keep you posted Just had to share such good news with everyone.

Love, Auntie Heather

Update: February 25, 2013

This darling boy is doing amazingly well. The quality of his foster care has allowed him exactly what he needed and he appears to be healing. He is dramatically improved emotionally as well. He is sweet, open to being loved, engaging and curious.

To top that, so far from what we can see externally, there appears to be a significant improvement in the leg structure. His mobility is almost completely normal. There is virtually no splay in the left leg, and he's able to use it and place weight on it. (of course this is on cage rest and he is not finished healing). I think his leg is mending. We will not know for sure until 3-1 when Dr Harvey sees him and can view new x rays. But he is looking and acting great.

After falling two stories onto the pavement of a parking lot, Rox is lucky to be alive! And here he is, filled with joy & affection. He seems to know he is wanted, completely safe, appreciated and he is responding accordingly. What an amazing bunny. He is remarkably improved. We love him so much.

More good news: The foster person noted that Rox does not appear to be in pain or discomfort. He is really a bit too active and it is difficult to keep him quiet and still. His water intake has dropped to normal, still has normal veggie and hay intake, and normal urine and stool output. After refusing all pellets for 10 days, the foster changed brands (who would have thought) this little fellow is also opinionated- Now he loves the pellets and is eating more of everything. Rox is engaging and loves attention. After he is well he will be such a great companion for some lucky person. (and maybe another bunny??) Hey, I am reaching for the moon. Why not? When his foster opened the pen enclosure top to give him his noontime Metacam - Check out his response. Note position of the damaged left hind leg. If you didn't know to look, you could not see any damage. I have never seen such dramatic healing occur in such a shattered back leg.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. It is working! He is so much better. His depression and sadness is lifted, he has energy and shows great promise of making it through this ordeal with a positive outcome. Great care is being provided everyday to Rox. He is gently cared for, cleaned, medicated and fed. And, as you can see, this is really strict cage rest. It is working & I think it is all worth it. Next, Rox will see Dr Carolynn Harvey and I will post a full report on his exam later on 3-1. If the improvement is as good as we think, then he can be neutered too. (That will help, as he is a bit humpy too on top of everything else-After all he is a rabbit ). Don't worry, I checked with Dr. Harvey and she said she can do the neuter safely even given the damaged leg. She is such a fantastic vet.

Love to everyone on Rox's team,
Auntie Heather

Update: February 12, 2013

Rox is doing amazingly well. He is a living boy. He is responsive and connects now. He no longer seems depressed. He is very bright and alert. He seems much less depressed and in fact almost happy. Given his circumstances, this is great news in itself.

His foster Dad reports no obvious splay-out of broken leg-hip. We are continuing the Buprenex and Metacam protocol for pain. This picture taken Saturday shows how he's able to place slight weight on leg and move the leg. Doing very well all things considered. Likes his plush bunny friend. He is hopeful. We love him so much. We hope it will make up for all the pain he has suffered.It is all uphill for him now.

Basic report: Stool and urine output is normal. Water intake is elevated. (natural given medications) Alfalfa and timothy hay intake is moderate. He is not able to eat any pellets. However, he loves veggies, eats anything and everything. He is chewing on his cardboard cylinders with hay inside. This is so much more than we thought was possible for him given the extent of his injury.

He continues to amaze all of us. His vet recheck is set for Friday, Marh 1 at with Dr Harvey. We are so hopeful that he may be able to keep this leg and use only splinting or an external fixation device now that swelling has gone down. I will know much more with second x rays on March 1. We will keep everyone posted on hsi progress.

Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers for his recovery Love,
Auntie Heather

Update: February 7, 2013

Rox's story continues. Now we find out more from the Vet who first saw Rox at the shelter.

Rox lived outside on a patio on the second floor of an apartment complex. One day he found a way to open his door or maybe someone left it open. When they humans went to feed him, they were surprised to find NO bunny! They immediately suspected that he had fallen off the patio so they rushed down to check the parking lot two floors below them and found Rox hiding under a car!!!

Poor Rox was so scared, cold an very injured. When the mom got home they are drove over to the nearest vet hospital because Rox could not move. The vet's office had to take x rays and when they told the family how much it would cost to fix Rox's leg they said they could not do that. The vet offered to euthanize him, but the family could not afford that either. So off they went to the shelter to asked the shelter to euthanize him. They must have thought it was their only choice. When the family came to the shelter and the rabbit was received, kind shelter workers did not euthanize him. Instead, they called the Rabbit Haven and as you know by now, and we rescued him. Now the rest will be history.

Rox's Vet says that only one leg was broken and that luckily his left leg did not sustain any injury. His back and head are also ok and uninjured. All this is better news than we expected seeing those initial X rays. They did take others to rule out injury to other leg, and it is fine.

Rox will see Dr. Harvey later this week. We'll have additional updates after she has had a chance to examine him.

Update: February 6, 2013

Look at Rox today. He seems to sense the hope and he is just the most gentle bunny. He just has to make it! So many wonderful people, like you, are pulling for him. We see changes in him already. So much improvement - He is eating well.

Tuesday morning he will be transported from shelter directly to a special medical site. The following day he will go to see wonderful Dr. Carolynn Harvey. He will receive x rays and all help he needs. Loving, caring and generous FaceBook family and also the shelter helped us to gather the funds needed to pay for x ray, vets, surgery and medications needed to get his leg repaired. Now he will need lots of love on top of this. That is the easy part. What a precious fellow. He really does look better already! He was eating today - no problem.

I will post again on his progress once he gets to his Haven medical site. mid day tomorrow - Then next on Wednesday when he see Dr. Harvey. Love to all of you that care and could see how sad & miserable he was - You helped to make it better in so many ways. We can hardly wait to see him truly happy and able to move about freely. Love to each and everyone - Thank you for your calls, energy, support, guidance, suggestions, direct help, donations and love.

Update: February 4, 2013

Update on Rox, formally rescued and SAFE - Now on his way to mend his broken leg.

This sweet and terribly injured bunny is now rescued by The Rabbit Haven. In the process of discussing Rox with the shelter, we learned that this bunny fell two stories onto the ground! That is how he was injured. Then the family took him for vet care and decided it was too much money to care for him, so they brought him to the shelter to be euthanized. It is amazing that he survived and that he did not break his back. What a lucky bunny, However, given his pain, injury and then abandonment, I imagine he does not yet see the silver lining.

The shelter and Rabbit Haven are working in unison to move Rox into a medical foster site. Wonderful Haven advocate, Meredith, will be transporting Rox to our most experienced Haven medical foster person in Bay area. Next, on Wednesday he will be seen by wonderful Dr. Carolynn Harvey at Chabot Vet hospital where he can be evaluated and the needed treatment will be provided. Haven medical foster will be provided and then as he heals we will fill his little heart with affection and love. He is inured, but he is eating and wants his pets. He has such a strong will to live!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines day- (in advance) Thank you to everyone who sent loving get well wishes, positive comments, donations and support for Rox. Several people have offered a home and they are far away, however we are working on. But first things first. We need to get Rox to the vet and be sure he obtains the veterinary support he requires. What a loving special group of people you are. We are happy to have you as a part of the Haven family.

Love to all from Rox and Auntie

February 2, 2013

Hello, My name is Rox. I hurt and need help. I have just this one chance to tell you my story.

Yesterday my human mom brought me to the shelter and wanted me euthanized because I had a broken leg and she could not afford to fix it. That was it. I was hurting so bad and I still can't understand why she left me, but it is true. I am heartbroken and now I also hurt because my leg is broken. I have nothing I know around me, just a shelter cage with newspaper on the floor.

The people here at the shelter are nice and gave me something called medicine and now my leg does not hurt so much. My spirit is suffering and I need love. I am also worried as they said they cannot let me stay here and someone else has to take me or I cannot live! I do not know how to feel anymore. Can anyone help mend my broken heart and leg? Will anyone offer me a home to heal in?

I just want a loving family, I am a very very good bunny boy. The Rabbit Haven is looking for funds to repair my leg and they also need a place for me to recover. They will cover my neuter and all transport needed. (To vet first for X rays etc., then on to you. )

Please help me. Call Heather because she is working on it today! 831 600-7479. I heard I do not have much time at all. I am so sad and afraid too. But I am hopeful that someone out there will see me and read my story and will help me. Please Call Auntie Heather at 831 600-7479 or Email her at if you have any ideas. If you want to donate to my leg surgery repair you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Indicate that your donation is for me, Rox, so we know who it is for.

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