Tai - Small Bunny With Broken Teeth
December 17, 2015
Tai's fractured teeth

Tai, a tiny brown bunny, was brought in to the shelter with broken front teeth and in pain. He was clearly unable to eat, underweight, stiff, in stasis, terrified to be touched and near death when our wonderful advocates rescued him after a kind rescue request from the shelter. Thank you to Sarah (shelter advocate) and Raymond (medical foster site) for moving him quickly to the support he needed to survive. The Rabbit Haven was his only hope and he went directly to our nearest medical site for pain meds, critical care, warming, and sub-cutaneous fluids. He slowly began to move out of stasis, his temperature improved and as of today he is also eating hay and greens on his own! He has gained weight too since he arrived, so important to his survival.

Tai went to see the vet this morning. The vet documented that he had suffered a predator bites covering several areas of his body. In addition some strange plastic stick was lodged in the front of his tiny face. This was discovered and removed. Tai’s tooth area will need care and a few more weeks to heal before surgery can be offered to him. For now they still bleed with the slightest touch. His mouth is not yet stable.


Tai will have surgery but first we need to get him stable, deal with an infection due to predator bite wounds, then the doctor will be able to better determine if the teeth may grow back in. He is on antibiotics, pain medication and chlorhexaderm oral flushing of his mouth area. We need to allow the injury to heal more and the tooth to grow in more to properly evaluate his need for incisor surgery.

Poor baby Tai. To donate to assist Tai in getting better you can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Tai goes back to see Dr. Hawklyn next week. We will keep you updated. Our medical site needs more heating pads and snuggle safes. We are starting to run low on x-pens too. To donate these items you can go to our Amazon wish list. Love to you everyone and Merry Christmas from Tai and The Haven's bunnies.

Designed by James Farris