Tamari's Story
Tamari's injured tail Tamari's injured hocks

Tamari was discovered in a backyard by animal control officers responding to a neighbor's complaint. The pretty little Rex girl had hideous hock injuries with swollen, buldging abscesses on both hocks. Her front feet were also cut. Her entire rear end was missing all the fur and her tail was completely bare. She had malformed muscle development as well but could walk and hop. She was kept in a tiny wire cage, with no room to move around and no place to get off of the wire. The person who kept her was elderly, and seemed completely unaware of the rabbit's condition or how to care for her and lacked any funds to do so. She told the officers to take her, and they elected to not press charges.

Tamari was rescued by The Haven and immediately put into foster care with someone who could help her to heal. It took her caregiver's breath away to see her condition, yet she loved being held and kissed. She was completely gentle and loving, despite the terrible neglect that she had suffered. She seemed so pleased to have a soft litterbox and a fleece pad for her tiny feet so she could stand up without too much pain.

Tamari is now in foster care with The Haven. The urine stained areas are recovering nicely. Some dead fur is still falling out, but that's what we want. New fur is growing on the bare areas. The scabs on the bottom of her hind feet - where the abscesses were that were caused by being on wire - have fallen off and the areas are healing nicely. She's been eating and drinking fine, and her output is good. She seems to especially like timothy hay, and will graze in it for hours.

Tamari is obviously not in any pain anymore, and can run, jump and hop just like any bunny. When she's lying down, her hind legs are stretched out behind her, and she'll often use the edge of one of her bowls or her litterbox as a pillow. All in all, Tamari's doing great and we expect her to make a complete recovery. She's a very active and inquisitive bunny, so she'll need lots of stuff to keep her motivated and entertained when she finally goes to her forever home.


How Tamari looks now Tamari getting a nose rub

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