Tansy - Sick Breeder Bunny Rescued
Update May 28, 2014

Tansy crossed the rainbow bridge on May 28th at 2 PM. Sadly she suffered from not only a chest wall abscess but several internal abdominal tumors and mammary tumors. Her ear also developed a nasty infection and abscess that caused her eye to bulge. Even with all medications, surgery and medical support she needed, we could not save her. She passed away peacefully today.

What a special little girl. I am so honored to have had her with me the past few weeks. She loved life, and she really tired her best! In the end she was unable to survive all her various illnesses. She ate ravenously and loved kisses every morning and gentle pets. She had lots of energy even until her last day. Sadly another tumor came up today and her temp dropped to 93.5. I was only able to maintain her temp with a heating pad underneath.

We are grateful she had an enjoyable last month of her life. We were able to keep her clean, warm, safe, loved and well fed as we tended to her injuries. Everyone who met her fell in love. She will be deeply missed. What a charming girl.

Thank you to everyone who cared for Tansy and to those of you who offered her get well wishes and who made contributions for her care.

May 12, 2014

She's like a delicate flower, pretty and oh so precious. Tansy came into the shelter this week with a group of severely neglected outdoor breeder bunnies. The Haven's advocate team noticed right away that she felt miserable, could barely eat, was terribly weak and was acutely ill. She was most likely dying sitting in the shelter without urgent care. So we rescued her and took her to ER doctor. She is very ill and will need months of care. But she is so special and loving. We can see she wants to live. Each day she requires fluids, critical care and antibiotics. On Monday she will require surgery for her chest wall abscess. On the 13th she will go to see Dr. Gratzek for her eye issues.

Tansy is definitely living and loving her life now even though she is so ill. She loves gentle pets, and soft beds. She's even managing to eat some hay. Right now she's receiving medical and supportive care until she can go to see Dr. Stern on Monday at 11 AM. We know that she will need treatment for a chest wall abscess, severe infection, eye problems, URI, and urine scald. Even with the generous discounts from our best veterinarians, her medical bills will add up quickly.

Please help Tansy with your loving thoughts and consider making a donation to help her. Tansy says, "I want to get well. Auntie says donations will help pay for my medical bills so I don't have to worry. Maybe you can help? Every bit counts." If you want to donate to help Tansy you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. Indicate that your donation is for Tansy, so we know who it is for. We'll post updates after Tansy sees her veterinarians this week.

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