Tommy's Story - Bunny with Severe Genital Injuries
Update: April 3, 2009

An update from Tommy:


HI! Here is my new photo taken by the Haven Web master, Ray! I did my best but I was still scared. I know it shows in my picture. Auntie says I am gorgeous! What do you think? Yes, I am fishing for compliments.

When I am all better I hope to be able to stand up on my back legs again and do binkies too. Right now I am still in the healing process. I do not feel much like playing yet. My fur is starting to grow back where they did the repair. I am keeping all four feet on the ground but I can and do hop.

Thank you to my friends who helped me get through this awful surgery. I was writing to you to say HI! and to say I got my staples out Saturday and my wounds look good. (according to the human who removed the staples) . It doesn't look so good to me. Auntie says it will get better and I need to be patient.

I am really glad the staples are out and I can tell I am still healing up. Oh, I am gaining a little weight. I am not real skinny now. I get to eat dandelion greens, kale, romaine and leafy lettuces Yum!! I always have plenty of hays available to me too. It's just part of every day eating here. I hear that I may need one more tiny surgery done to fix some parts of me that were torn, but I really do feel better. I see the vet (shudder) in a few days.

I have this one problem I can't seem to get past. Every bunny scares me! Even Krissy, who is a bunny staying here who has injured legs, scares me. She still lightly hops about on them best she can and she gets what is called PT every day. Anyway she scares me. I do not know if she will bite me or not. I don't want to take any chances. She is fuzzy and likes to come over and talk to me and I am so worried. I feel scared so I back up really quick. I do not want any more bites. I back up as far as I can away from her. Another of my other foster site rabbit roommates is Smittens, who is little fellow, very slow and so far he has been nice. He had some cat bite him so he has holes in his face, head and back. Uck!! I hope I do not have to see a cat. That is scary. When I think of it I have to be very still and shut my eyes. Smittens says they have long teeth! How scary!!!

I feel safest in my penned area. I like music and I do not mind listening to the little bird that is staying here as long as she does not come over to my room. She scares me too. I am a nervous wreck. Diva and Mishka are also here in recovery, they stay on their own side of this house. Auntie gave me a tiny bit of a stuff called rescue remedy, which makes no sense to me since I am already rescued. Then she laughed and said "it is to calm your nerves Tommy Patrick" .. Then she pets my head sends me a love kiss and off she goes.

I like watching her going around taking care for the other rabbits. As long as they are over on the couch or in the rocking chair I do not mind. Yesterday I saw two tiny babies. Auntie says they are really rabbits, but they do not look like rabbits to me. I am not afraid of them though. They are very small and they do not run at me and their teeth are very tiny. I am even scared of the plush bunny auntie gave me to snuggle with. I jumped on it. I wanted it out of my room! She took it out and gave me a little smile. She understands me very well I think.

So I go back to the vet soon and I really hope they will just leave everything alone. I hope I do not have to have any more surgeries. Those hurt. But I do like my vets and the people at Aptos Creekside who take care of me. They like me, I can tell.

I have figured out a way to use my litter box even though I have some damage in that area of my body which makes it a little difficult to urinate, but I can keep it off me. I am figuring it out. I am hoping to avoid another surgery.

I have a story to tell you, ok? Whoa, on Saturday I met another Haven bunny who had lots of bites and one real bad one! He was just put at a shelter. He came from one of those outside places I came from. I understand how he must have felt. Even in the small cages at the vet hospital it is better than where we came from - those outdoor hutches with wire under our feet hurt and this bunny lived with three other rabbits in one tiny hutch. Auntie says that is a bad word and I should not say it or ever think about it again, because it is never going to be part of my life again. Anyway he lived in there with other rabbits who constantly bit him so he could hardly get any food and he is so bitten up. Even his little lop ears are tattered. I think I had it bad, he has a pretty bad bite right where it hurts the most. Auntie says he's on pain medication and maybe I should be less afraid and a bit more understanding of him. He must not have had much to eat because he is so skinny! Auntie says there is no easy surgery for his specific injury right now - first he needs to gain weight, be on meds, and let all the swelling go down a bit. For me it was a big race to get my surgery done. My injuries were worse she said. He is only about 2 pounds and he's supposed to be at least 4 pounds! They have to figure out his best treatment. That boy is also scared - I can surely relate.

There is an assortment of other bunnies here at the Haven med site and happily, they do not come over near me and I certainly will not go near them. I am too scared to do that. I really am getting better though. I can feel it. Auntie carried me gently outside today to look around and I hid my head. Once I looked I felt ok and the sun felt good on me. One day I will be less afraid.

It is really busy around here. Auntie is on the phone, cleaning, giving meds, shaving injured bunnies and all that, so, I was wondering, if any of you were thinking you might want to add a bunny like me to your home? I am ready for a fresh new start. My life has been on hold for too long. I want a special loving family.

I think I can leave here in about 2 weeks. Auntie says I can go early if my new family knows how to care for me. She says I am a easy peasy bunny, and cute too. I love it when she pets my ears. I also like snuggles. Auntie says I will not need her very much longer, as I will be well. I think I see what she means. There are some very injured ones here. I am one of the very best! I am almost all well. She says she will always love me no matter where I go. I like that.

Thanks again for helping me have my surgery - The get well wishes must have worked too. I really appreciate that. Love to you. I bet if I met you I would not be scared.


Tommy -Thomas Patrick 3-31-2009

Update: March 23, 2009

This is the latest update on Thomas Patrick, from Auntie Heather:

It has been a whirlwind for Tommy the past few days. However, his current situation has to be a major improvement over all that he suffered prior to his surgery. We hope so. On Thursday night he managed to get out one staple, so he was Mr. Conehead for several hours. Tommy's is an exceptional bunny - such a good patient. He takes his medication like a good bunny with no fuss. He is staying very clean and cooperating in every way. He has mastered using his litter box! Amazing. We cleaned him up so his grooming conditions has improved too.

Tommy seems alert, fascinated by his surroundings and very interested in other rabbits. He is such a gentle boy. He takes his meds with ease. And is a complete joy to care for. His wounds appear clean, free of any signs of infection (miracle) and aside from that one staple that he may have removed, all the other 14 are still holding his closure site together as it heals. Today he got out and gingerly walked about a bit. He eats every green he sees and all his hay. What a good boy. He always in my lap for a few minutes at a time and is completely relaxed. What A GORGEOUS RABBIT TOO. He is simply stunning. He is even more handsome than in his initial picture. His fur is becoming glossier and his health is returning. I am so happy to watch his excellent progress. Blessings to Dr. Hawklyn and to Dr. Seri who performed his surgery on 3-17. Good work. Tonight Tommy hopped out of his room and came over to see me nudging my leg for pets. Such a sweetheart. He seeks attention and he is healing.

Please keep sending those get well wishes - It must be creating magic as this rabbit on death's doorstep Wednesday is coming to life every minute. Every day I see such improvements. Today I watched him play with a willow ball. We love him so much. One day we know he will find his forever home. Think if you might be his special family. Let us know if you are interested. It may take a few months but then he will be A ok. I have great expectation for this miraculous little fellow. Even if he needs that second surgery, he will still be fine to go on to a new home in May.

He deserves the most special loving home. Love, auntie Heather, on behalf of Tommy (he is resting now). Recovery from surgery is tiring.

Update: March 20, 2009

Tommy had his genital repair surgery 3-17. Surgeons worked on him and he did so well throughout his lengthy surgery. We were all so anxious waiting to hear how his surgery went and if he was ok. We received great news at 3PM. He survived and his prognosis was excellent for long term recovery. He had extensive surgery requiring 15 + staples to close the wounds areas, but he was doing well.

His doctors removed all the necrotic tissue from his two swollen, torn testicles and they did a great job clearing the area of infected tissue. All his wounds on his genital area were cleaned and repaired. They were also able to save his urinary track system, so he can urinate pretty well. We are so pleased with his current situation. The first night he seemed somewhat stunned, yet he is adjusting to a new environment and home plus his surgery... He is really ok. He is with Auntie Heather now.

Tommy seems to fell pretty good - perhaps he knows he is safe now. He is on antibiotics and pain meds (of course) . Just looking at him, you see a neutered male rabbit.(with a bunch of staples) Once he has healed, we are anticipating a full recovery. Right now our concerned is more with his being able to urinate normally. So far the surgical results look great. Tommy seems happy, and is really doing well. (all considered).

Tommy is indeed a lucky bunny. Saint Patrick must have been handing him lucky stars on March 17th. A bit of his lucky history...

First, he was even brought to a vet! A rabbit savvy vet at that! Then, by chance, one of our key Rabbit Haven staff members just happened to be in the office, so the vet told him about Tommy's situation. The family planned to euthanize him rather than treat. The vet thought there had to be a better option.(Bless her heart!) Tommy is a very young, sweet bunny boy. Then, the vet asked if the Haven could help. And of course, Paul thought surely we would. And we did. Since the family had no interest in his survival, the vet asked them to sign him over to her, which they did! We said yes immediately to surgery, not even knowing where the money would come from. The odds were dicey, his injuries significant, but another lucky bit of magic- he pulled through his surgery perfectly!

His injury sites were repaired with obvious care and precision. His incisions are not red, swollen - Of course it isn't pretty, but he needed extensive surgery! After his surgery, he was hand delivered to Auntie directly for post op care by sweet, loving Karyn, a Haven adopter and transport volunteer. Tommy's incision sites looked pretty good, all things considered. He does have lots of staples, but had no redness, swelling and any other infection related issues. What a great surgical intervention. Yet another impressive bit of magic.

Today his luck is holding. Thomas Patrick, his new full name, is moving about eating his hay, eliminating and eating . He even is using his litter box! It is obvious that it is painful for him to urinate. His pain meds have been adjusted. This will improve.

He loves greens and Oxbow hays!! He is a wonderful bunny. A very special fellow. We love him already! He is even exploring the Busy Bunny toys we offered him. For now he will now remain in the medical site through his post operative phase,(14 days), then he may need Physcal Threapy. He then may require yet another surgery to help him urinate better; then he goes to a special TLC foster site for love and support. Finally, he will be a happy, healthy boy and he will be well on his way to finding his forever home. Go Tommy!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has written,called and sent in donation to help him get well. We love you! You are helping to make his life what it is today and what it will be in the future. With so many people helping, Thomas Patrick, AKA Tommy is well on his way to a complete happy recovery!

You are so wonderful - everyone who has sent get well wishes and financial support to get him through this ordeal. Love to every one of you.

March 18, 2009

This sweet rabbit was dumped at a local vet office when his owners found out the cost to repair his injuries caused by housing the rabbit with other intact males. This poor bunny has two ripped testicles hanging off his body and several other profound wounds to his genital area. The vet has him set for surgery now. It is amazing that he is still alive. Apparently, the poor rabbit has been suffering with these terrible injuries for days! Most tissue remaining in necrotic, swollen and must be surgically removed and repaired to the extent possible.

The "owners" of this rabbit that dumped him said they did not know how long he had been injured - Learning that he needed surgery, they signed him over to be euthanized. Just like that! The vet called the Haven. We will be rescuing him.


This rabbit's injuries are quite severe. His surgery will be aprox. 1.5-2 hours. If you want to help Tommy, please act ASAP. Please help and send any donation you can afford. $500.00 is what he needs now. That includes Haven discounts. All donors will be kept up to date of his recovery.

The vet office says he is very sweet and gentle rabbit. He is in a lot of pain and needs this surgery, which is scheduled for today. I have said ok to the surgery and rescue and we will need support to cover the cost of his surgery. The Vet office reported that there is a great amount of necrotic tissue that needs to be removed and the surgery to repair the damage will be extensive. Of course the Haven will do all the post op, care and rehab needed post surgery

If you would like to help us to cover her costs of Tommy's care, please donate by check or by our PayPal account. Note on the check or PayPal page that the donation is for Tommy.


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