Tula Rescued from a House Fire - Now She Needs Your Help
December 12, 2015

Tula was recently rescued form a terrible house fire in San Jose. She and six other animals were saved by the quick action of the San Jose fire department. Now Tula has a badly fractured front leg, and is suffering the affects of smoke inhalation that requires nebulization, medical care and support. In addition, she is being treated with the hope of restoring the function of her right front leg which is broken in three places. We hope to save her leg. This leg surgery will involve an orthopedic vet and her regular vet. She is deeply in need of help now. Her family lost everything in that fire and had to surrender all of the animals, so sad. We took in four of the rabbits from this group. Team FUR in Folsom took two and we kept two bunnies Bunkins and Tula down here. This little girl is the one who ended up needing help so much. She is the sweetest and tiniest bunny!


Want to help her get well? Donations made today go directly to Tula’s medical fund. We anticipate her care will cost $2,000.00. You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. If you like, Tula has decided to start a tee shirt fundraiser. She has picked three of her favorites, one with Chance another special bunny and then one with bunnies and carrots. You can see her special tee shirt fundraiser here. Shirts are only $20 including shipping. You go Tula!!!! Help Tula get well.



Designed by James Farris