Vinnie's Story
Update: January 4, 2012

Vinnie is a sweet bunny from the Aptos breeder confiscation. Vinnie suffered from horrific abscesses at the injury site where his ear had been removed. As you know he had major surgery on his ear stump and canal and he is now healing from that. His injury was extensive and he requires medical support daily. He still needs to see the vet every couple of weeks to clean and flush his ear canal. Eventually he will heal completely and all that fur will grown back. We expect that Vinnie will be a beautiful, happy and healthy boy in a few months! Vinnie is in the care of Heather and Paul, two special TLC and medical support fosters for The Haven. Vinnie sends his love to you.

You can watch Vinnie in his YouTube video.

December 20, 2011

Vinnie was recently rescued from the Aptos breeder. Vinnie's ear had been cut off requiring surgery as he suffered form severe infection at the ear stump. He did very well in his surgery. His surgery was much the same as Ruthie's and he will also require surgical and medical follow up for months to help him make it through - Vinnie is such a loving boy. It is heartbreaking to see how much he has suffered. Despite his former cruel treatment he even kisses you when he is held. He is gentle and seems to understand that he is now safe. The dreadful conditions that he came from are difficult to comprehend. Somehow he survived. Help him get totally well and healthy so he can find his forever home. Please contact Rabbit Haven if you want to sponsor Vinnie or to make a contribution towards his vet care. We will keep you up to date on his healing process.

If you would like to help Vinnie please contact the Rabbit Haven or make a donation in her name using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. He will appreciate it.

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