Zayna and her Children
Update: September 14, 2013

Zayna's two remaining babies have been adopted into their own homes. Zayna continues to wheeze, and Dr. Harvey has put her on a 30 day course of treatment with Montelukast to try to reduce the swelling in her nasal passages. Dr. Harvey spayed Zayna and saw no evidence of any respiratory infection. She is ready to find a home of her own. You can read more about Zayna and her recovery on her special adoption page.

Update: August 7, 2013

Zayna is still making a wheezing sound when she is excited or frightened. Dr. Harvey said that she no longer has an infection in her lungs or nasal passages, and she thinks that Zayna's condition will continue to improve. Zayna no longer needs to be neubulized and has stopped her TMS. Dr. Harvey thinks the wheezing Zayna is experiencing is due to inflammation in her nasal passages. We are treating her with Doxycycline and Metacam to try to reduce the swelling. Dr. Harvey believes that the imflammation and wheezing may be a permanent condition, the result of living in poor conditions or damage from the infection. Zayna is still too thin, so she needs to eat more and regain her full health.

Zayna will be spayed in two weeks. Three of her babies were adopted, two remain with her. She continues to love to eat, and is still shy around people. Her foster family is trying to help her become more comfortable with people with socialization and gentle play.

June 13, 2013

The desperate rescue appeal came in late in the day June 6th at 9PM! The Antioch shelter was flooded with rabbits due to a large rescue... 18 rabbits incoming and more on the way! Urgent help was needed or the rabbits would need to be euthanized. If we were to save any, we needed to act quickly. The shelter was already full and with so any new rabbits they literally had no place to put them. Rabbits were being placed in cages in the already overfull small animal room, then stacked in hallways near dog runs or placed in the euthanasia room. A chaotic and unpleasant environment, yet much better than the conditions they were rescued from. Kudos to the shelter for rescuing all of these rabbits and for the work of all the advocates who reached out for help.

Shelter Advocates scrambled to find space for the rabbits contacting major rescues to ask for help. Rabbit Haven answered the call and decided to rescue the group most in need, a terrified mother and her litter of five 8 day old babies. We are grateful for the assistance of rabbit advocate, Brooke,(CCRR) who took the time to transport this little family to the Rabbit Haven.

On arrival, the mother rabbits was having difficulty breathing, appeared to be in shock and was panicked. When touched she whimpered and stiffened her entire body. She cried out when she was touched or moved. The rabbit was clearly extremely ill and terrified. She received fluids right away as she was severely dehydrated. She was so ill, we were not even sure she would survive to get to the vet. She was also emaciated and her babies were in extremely poor condition. All seemed cooler than normal and they showed very little movement. They were placed on warmth and stabilized along with mom. this seemed ot help. All saw the vet and the mother who we named Zayna, started on medications right away. The vet thinks she most likely has a very serious infection and most likely pneumonia, we are only able to give her SMZ TMP to protect the babies. So far this medicine, nebulizing and the provision of plentiful hays, fresh water and greens is helping her improve.

Zayna is a very ill. Her little babies are also struggling, yet they are improving each day. Zayna is able to feed them so we have not needed to step in to help her with that. She is still absolutely terrified of touch, making medicating and nebulizing difficult, be it has to be done. It is heartbreaking to hear her crying and panicking with the lightest touch. We are determined to bring her through this and to find a way to let her know that she is safe now and loved. What a nightmare she must have been through to be this traumatized. How frightening to feel this way, to be so ill and then need to care for new babies too. Non the less, she is feeding and caring for them.

At this point we are supporting Zayna medically, physically and emotionally, and as a last resort we are prepared to step in to care for her little ones by feeding if Zayna requires stronger antibiotics to save her life. This little girl is so easy to love and we are working to comfort and support her through gentle care and focus on her well being. This abused and critically ill rabbit needs your love and support. To help Zayna and her babies make it through this illness and rehabilitation, please donate to her care by using The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Indicate that your donation is for Kitari so we know to put it toward her care. Send your love and healing thoughts to these precious babies.

Designed by James Farris