Zeke's Story
August 9, 2011


I am a small, one-eyed rabbit named Zeke, and my friends at The Rabbit Haven saved my life. I was living with a family who I thought would be my forever family when they went on vacation. Since they didn't want to pay for a pet-sitter, they dumped me at a shelter. The shelter was a very scary place for a little bunny like me. The dogs and cats were always crying, and my tiny space was surrounded by cold metal. There were nice volunteers there who played with me, but every evening they would leave, and I had to spend so much time alone in that place. After a few weeks, my volunteer friends took me to a Rabbit Haven adoption show one Saturday morning. Wow, what an amazing place that was! There were lots of bunnies and people there. The people knew all about bunnies! They trimmed my nails, brushed my fur, and held me. I hoped one of these nice people would take me home with them, but the day flew by fast and I was back at the shelter again that night.

Two weeks later, there was another Rabbit Haven show, and I went there for a few hours. A special family was there, a man and two girls. They spent so much time with me! They gave me great nose rubs, kisses on the head, and talked gently to me. I liked them so much that I started kissing them. I couldn't help myself. I was so happy. Then an amazing thing happened. After I left the show, I didn't go back to the shelter. Instead, I went home with this new family! It turns out that they are volunteers for The Rabbit Haven, and they took me into their home as a foster bunny. I was very happy to move in with them, even if it is only for a short time.

My new foster family soon discovered that I had an upper respiratory infection, or URI. It made my nose run and I sneezed a lot. I had to take medicine for it, but, luckily, the meds tasted really good! The URI is gone now, and we're hoping that it won't come back. Around this time, my right eye started to hurt. I wasn't able to see so well out of that eye, and it was getting worse. It turns out that I had an abscess, which meant more trips to various vets, who finally decided that I needed to have my eye removed. The surgery was a little scary, but now I don't even notice that I only have one eye.

There is a bunny in my foster house named Deanna. She also lost an eye to an infection, and she and my friends at The Rabbit Haven raised a lot of money to help pay for my vet bills. Everyone from The Haven has been so kind to me, and so many people from all over have given money to help me recover. If I had still been at the shelter when I got sick, I don't know what would have happened. I am so thankful that the people from The Rabbit Haven were there for me when I needed them.

Designed by James Farris