Success Stories

Through the Rabbit Haven's efforts, many bunnies have found loving, permanent homes.

Have you adopted a rabbit from the Rabbit Haven? We would love to hear from you! Send your story and photos to Post your adoption story and see what others have posted too!

To read just a few of our many success stories, click on the links below:

Grigsby Grigsby Ruddy and Buddy Ruddy and Buddy Sadie and FedEx Sadie & FedEx
Tai Tai Summer Muffin Summer Abbygale Abbygale
Kee Kee Biscotti Biscotti, "The Sad Bunny" DJ, Curly Sue and Deanna DJ, Curly Sue and Deanna
Kisses Kisses and Cuddles Shuman Shuman Annabelle and McGregor Annabelle & McGregor
Samwise and Ophelia Samwise & Ophelia Suki and Ezekiel Ezekiel & Suki Cosmo and Cielo Cosmo & Cielo
Demetri Demetri Hoshi and Pixel Hoshi & Pixel Sunny Mocha and Lois Sunny Mocha & Lois
Daphne and Thumper Daphne & Thumper Raziel Raziel Dax Dax
Molokai Molokai Lucas Lucas Maryann and Dono Maryann and Dono

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