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Rabbit Haven's ultimate goal is the permanent placement of our rabbits in safe, loving indoor homes. Adoption counseling, visitation, and education services are provided to the public at adoption events held three times each month. We are 100% foster based, therefore, our rabbits may be seen at these shows at Pet Pals (Santa Cruz) or at Pet People (Los Gatos). See schedule of show dates below. We are happy to work with you to help you by making a special appointment for you to meet with rabbits of your choice at one of our adoption shows.

We require that all rabbit caretakers provide permanent homes, a safe environment, proper food, grooming, medical attention, and the love and support essential to the rabbit's well-being. Rabbit Haven only adopts to families who agree to keep rabbits indoors. Outside arrangements are not possible due to exposure to the elements, inadequate contact with their families, exposure to disease agents, such as the very deadly Myxomatosis, and predators that will harm the rabbit.

All new adoptive families receive personal adoption assistance from a Haven counselor, a free first vet exam, discount coupons from area pet supply retailers, a complete rabbit care education packet, rabbit nail trims, and a home heath check demonstration. Below you can find information about the bunnies available for adoption.

Special services of the Rabbit Haven Adoption centers: Personal adoption appointments, Matchmaking, Bonding, Home health demonstrations, housing and set up training, referral to suppliers that have items you need for your rabbit, referral to pet sitters for your rabbits and Haven couselors who can anwer your questions regarding rabbits.

Additional information about the adoption or fostering process is provided at the following links:

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Pre-Adoption Questionnaire
Foster Site Application

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Rabbits in the Rabbit Haven System

Contact The Haven at T: (831) 600-7479
or Email:
for more information on any of the following rabbits.

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Brigitte and Bianca Brigitte and Bianca

Brigitte (brown white and black) and Bianca (black and white are charming sisters. They were born 1-4-2020 and are simply irresistible. They love to run and play in tunnels and in hay – They eat greens and bell pepper plus plenty of fresh hay everyday. They enjoy vitamin c tab. They use a food and water dish and have a litter box. They live in roomy C & C housing. Call us to make an apt to visit with this sweet pair.

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Contact us to find out more and to set up an appointment to meet this Guinea Pig.

T: (831) 600-7479

Felix, Carolina & Peach Felix, Carolina & Peach

Felix (fluffy ginger and white) is super friendly. This boy is neutered and his birthday is 15th of August 2017. Carolina (tri color short hair) is the most skittish. She is charming and likes her sister. Her birthday is the 5th of July 2016. Peach (Agouti brown ginger and white) is the sweetest. She is smart and talkative. Her birthday is the 12th of May 2016. These guinea pigs live s in a C& C enclosure and will adapt to a litter box if it is provided. Use cat country litter covered with oxchard grass hay. They love tunnels, igloos and begin handled. They eat a high quality guinea pig pellets, plenty of greens, lots of high Q western timothy hay and fresh water in a water dish

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Contact us to find out more and to set up an appointment to meet this Guinea Pig.

T: (831) 600-7479

The Haven's Cavy Haven

Contact information for Cavy Haven is
PO Box 66594
Scotts Valley Ca 95067
Phone 831-239-7119

Visit the Haven's Cavy Haven website

They count too!

For the latest adoptable guinea pigs, please contact us at the above contact information.