11:15 Welcome – Heather Bechtel of The Rabbit Haven Stage
11:30 Rabbit Bonding 101 (live bonding) – Ray Okamoto Demo Area by Stage
12:00 The Rabbit Haven Presentation – Heather Bechtel Stage
1:00 Keynote Speaker – Dr. Hilary Stern Stage
2:30 Bunny Games: Fun Contests for Your Bunny Outside Bunny Park
3:15 Silent Auction closes Raffle / Silent Auction Area
3:20 Grand Champion Acknowledgments Stage
3:30 Raffle to Benefit The Rabbit Haven Stage
4:00 Closing Remarks Stage

Stop by The Rabbit Haven tables – Find out about volunteering, Inside Haven
fostering or adoptions. Visit our Ambassador rabbits. Area

Ongoing Raffle Prizes every 1/2 hour starting at 11:30 – Check raffle area for winners. You must be present to win!

Ongoing Rabbit Physical Exams – Dr. Raj Singh Inside Health Area
Ongoing Bunny Nail Trims Inside Health Area
Ongoing Bunny Park / Bunny Play Zone Outside Bunny Park
Ongoing Children’s Activity Table Outside
Ongoing Bunny Rest Area Lagomorph Lounge
Ongoing Food and Drinks Nibbles Cafe, Snack Bar