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We are Thankful

Great news! $5,000.00 match is on NOW!

The Rabbit Haven has a very special donor who has offered to match your donations up to a total of $5,000.00 starting today until midnight on Nov 23rd.

Now is your chance to help the bunnies who need special medical care. You can help make a big difference and help save lives!  So many rabbits have been saved and are living healthy, happy lives.  Many more can now be helped. You can make this happen. 

Happy Thanksgiving - with love

Dear Haven Family,

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and sharing a special slideshow card to show you some of the many rabbits you have helped. Thank you so much!

Note: We have a 5K Match ongoing. The 5 k match goes until midnight on Thanksgiving . We are half way there!!!
If you want to donate to the 5 K Grant match click here:

Haven Bunny Hop 2017 is coming!

Bunny Hop coming up soon!  11-19-2017

Please join us for a day filled with fun for you and your rabbits! Our bunny amusement area is designed with your bunny in mind.  Tunnels, tents, and lots of toys.  This fun event will be held at Pet Food Express Community Center from 12-4 PM on 11-19th !

This is a small, safe, indoor venue. The space has room for 15 bunnies at a time. Book your 1 hour time slot now!  What fun!

Special items from our Bunny Bee sewing group will be for sale outside the bunny room, including snuggle blankets, cuddle pods and small toys.

Kids Camp News!

SPCA Kids camp program served by Rabbit Haven instructors. The kids camp programs were lots of fun this year. Thank you for the SC SPCA for holding the kids camp and helping to provide children with a great opportunity to learn and find out about many different animals.

Thank you to our instructors, Becky Silva, Heather Metz-Egli & Jennifer Jenkins who brought in rabbits to share with the children. WE love the SPCA kid’s camp. We have provided education services to this organization for years.

Important Rabbit care and Health class coming soon!

Limited enrollment. Register ASAP only a few space left

Special class Rabbit health care coming soon Sept 3rd in Sunnyvale .

You have the opportunity to learn how to care for your rabbit from Carolyn Mosher. Carolyn has 20 yrs+ of experience caring for ill or injured rabbits and has offered the well maintained rabbit classes for over a decade. The Rabbit Haven is sponsoring the health education classes for YOU and your rabbit!


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